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Hideo Nakata is remaking Korean horror flick Haunters

07.02.2013by: Eric Walkuski

RINGU and THE RING TWO director Hideo Nakata is set to remake the Korean thriller HAUNTERS (read our review of the original from a few years ago HERE).

According to Variety, the remake is using the working title MONSTER production of the Japanese-language retread gets underway later this month, with stars Fujiwara Tatsuya and Yamada Takayuki in the lead roles.

Here's the synopsis for the original:

HAUNTERS depicts the struggle between a psychic named Cho-in (Kang Dong-won) who can control people with his mind and a man named Kyu-nam (Ko Soo) who is immune to the psychic’s supernatural power.

Kyu-nam works at a run-down pawnshop. When Cho-in walks into the shop one day and tries to use his powers to rob the store, he soon discovers that his special talent doesn’t work on Kyu-nam. Upset by the fact that there is a person whom he cannot control, Cho-in chases Kyu-nam, accidentally killing someone in the process. This begins a confrontation that will push both men to the brink.

Extra Tidbit: Has anyone seen HAUNTERS?
Source: Variety



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