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Hills 2 casting

07.17.2006by: Matt Withers
Got a cool bit of info for ya'll from one of our intrepid scoopers over the weekend for THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2. It's from the casting call for the flick, which lists Morocco as the location, and I'll let the descriptions speak for themselves -

HUGE. The leader of, and the LARGEST of, the mutants - has a face sort of like a mandrill; truly terrifying.

30s, HUGE AND HULKING, but with a childlike demeanor - an enormous simpleton. He helps Amber and Napoleon when they're trying to rescue Missy - but it later turns out he's not as innocent as he seems...

A bald mutant, LARGE, MUSCULAR, his skin changes color to match his surroundings. Along with Hades, the most prominent of the mutants. He grabs Missy, drags her into the mines and holds her hostage.

A LARGE mutant, scarred, hard-muscled, but nearsighted and relies on his sense of smell in the dark. He attacks Amber, only to be fought off by Mickey.

Sounds pretty f*cking sweet to me! And just to remind you, here's the synopsis for the brand of crazy at play this time:

SYNOPSIS: A team of National Guard cadets stops over at a desert outpost to deliver equipment to some military scientists. They arrive at the research camp to find it mysteriously deserted. Hearing a distress call on their walkies, they set off on what they think is a simple rescue mission into the hills - only to find a tribe of mutants, damaged by nuclear testing, who lie in wait for them...

Gotta look forward to that. Spit some bullets on what you think of the sequel's chances so far!

Big thanks to EyeHunter for the heads up!



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