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Hitchcockian love story Cannibal ready to shoot in Spain

10.26.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Well now, this sure sounds like a lovely item.

According to Variety, France's Luminor, Russia's CTB and Romania's Libra Film are set to co-produce CANNIBAL, a suspense thriller from Manuel Martin Cuenca.

CANNIBAL focuses on Carlos, Granada's most prestigious tailor, a respected man who dedicates his life to his work and eating - especially women. One day, he meets Nina, the twin-sister of a woman he's eaten, an immigrant from Eastern Europe.

Antonio de la Torre (THE LAST CIRCUS) will star as the delightful Carlos.

"This is Hitchcock meets Bunuel," said producer Simon de Santiago. "It's upscale film noir, with continuous suspense, exotic Spanish local details reminiscent of Bunuel."

Principal photography will commence this January in Granada.

Extra Tidbit: Got to be awkward, falling in love with a chick who's sister you snacked on (not in the sexy-time sense).
Source: Variety



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