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Hodder's Hatchet

12.16.2004by: Ammon Gilbert
Why they ever decided to go with anyone other than Kane Hodder in FREDDY VS JASON and it's upcoming sequel, I will never know- he had the role as Jason Voorhees down pat.

Hodder has a new role he plans on tearing up, this time as maniac Victor Crowley in HATCHET, from Ariescope Pictures. The flick is written and directed by Adam Green, who describes the film like this in an interview with Horrorview:

It’s about this boy, Victor Crowley that grew up deformed in the bayou of Louisiana and was taunted by kids. Well one day, these kids went to his house and started taunting him with fireworks and set his house on fire. Victor’s dad comes home and tries to save him, but when he goes to break down the door he chops into Victor, killing him. After Victor’s dad dies it becomes an urban legend that you can hear Victor crying for his father in the swamp at night. A group of people go on this haunted swamp tour in Louisiana, and well, bad things happen. It’s funny because the whole idea for Hatchet I thought up when I was 8 years old and at camp. The counselors would always try to scare the kids by saying “Don’t go there or Hatchet-face will get you!” and I’d always ask “Well, what’s he gonna do?” And they’d say “He’s gonna get you!” And I’d say “But what’s he gonna do?” So one night I made up this elaborate story about Hatchet-face and made all the kids cry. They wanted to kick me out of camp. But ever since then I’ve been like “I have to see this character!”

Although Hodder is a definate, no word yet on who else has been cast in the 1.5 million dollar slasher flick, which is set to play out like a 70s/80s classic horror film. You can check out the ultracool official site here, which has a neat little 'Legend of Victor Crowley' feature, going into detail about the fictional legend of the psychopath main character.

I'm always down for a good slasher, and judging from this TEASER, it's going to be just that! HATCHET is set to be released Halloween 2005.



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