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03.01.2008by: Jared Pacheco
The last we told you about HOMECOMING was in December, where I dropped some casting news for the flick.

Well it's 2 months later and we have a trailer! If you scroll down you can check that out.

It's about a former small-town golden boy and his new girlfriend who visit his hometown. and discovers his high school sweetheart has developed an unhealthy obsession with him.

It stars the gorgeous Mischa Barton (below), Matt Long, Michael Landes, and Jessica Stroup (above). It comes from a script by Katie L. Fetting, Jake Goldberger, and Frank Hannah with Morgan J. Freeman directing.

Barton will be playing the crazy high school sweetheart. A bit unbelievable... I mean, if you had Mischa Barton nuts about you, would you be trying to avoid her? Very unrealistic. Then again the other female would be Jessica Stroup.. The day I have Barton and Stroup fighting over me... that would be a very, very good day. But alas, that seems to be the situation for the lucky bastard in HOMECOMING.

The trailer is pretty cool, nothing we haven't really seen before ala SWIMFAN and MISERY, but it still looks entertaining, and like I said, it's got Mischa Barton and Jessica Stroup!

So scope out the HOMECOMING trailer below and see for yourself. To my knowledge there's no release date set yet, so we'll keep you updated.



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