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Hopkins gets hairy

10.20.2007by: Jared Pacheco
God the title for this article is cheesy. I apoligize for that. But it's still some pretty sweet news.

And no, Anthony Hopkins isn't growing hair in weird places to reprise the role of a very unusual Hannibal Lecter... why would you think that? He is starring in THE WOLF MAN though.

It's been rumored for a while now and MTV is finally confirming it. During a recent interview, Hopkins spilled the barrel of hair:

“I’m going to do ‘THE WOLF MAN’ with Benicio Del Toro,” Hopkins stated matter-of-factly during an interview for his new experimental art film, “SLIPSTREAM.”

Hopkins will play Sir John Talbot, the father to Lawrence Talbot (Del Toro). With the current vampire craze, this one stands out a lot, but who knows, maybe we'll see a werewolf craze too considering BENIGHTED is being adapted as we speak. THE WOLF MAN isn't scheduled for release until February 13, 2009 anyway.

THE WOLF MAN is being directed by Mark Romanek and was written by Andrew Kevin Walker. It stars, as noted, Bencio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. And in case you have no idea what THE WOLF MAN is about (what is wrong with you?), it's about a man who returns to his homeland and is bitten by, and has to deal with becoming, a werewolf.

A lot more news for THE WOLF MAN will be coming up in the coming months, like who the leading lady might be? So we'll keep you updated.

Source: MTV



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