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Horror anthology V/H/S transfers to DVD/Blu-ray this December

10.30.2012by: Jake Dee

Milking every avenue of exhibition is V/H/S, the horror anthology that was met with tepid feelings here at AITH. The flick premiered on VOD a good month before it's slated theatrical run, and now, looks to travel the DVD/Blu-ray circuit mere days after that. An excellent marketing scheme for a so-so movie, wouldn't you say?!

V/H/S is a point of view, found-footage horror film from the perspective of America's top genre filmmakers. In V/H/S, a group of misfits are hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house in the countryside and acquire a rare tape. Upon searching the house, the guys are confronted with a dead body, a hub of old televisions and an endless supply of cryptic footage, each video stranger and more inexplicably terrifying than the last...

V/H/S is will transfer to DVD and Blu-ray December 4th, perfect for the holiday season. If interested, pre-order the DVD HERE, the Blu-ray HERE.

Extra Tidbit: For those who've seen V/H/S, which segment was best?
Source: AITH



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