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Horror @ the Box Office - April 29-May 1: Insidious #8, Scream 4 #13, Dylan Dog #16

05.02.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

This past week was not one for horror, evidently. While FAST FIVE dominated at the box office, the only new genre release, Kevin Munroe's DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT, did poorly. It opened at #16 with a mere $885,000 at 875 theaters. I can't say I was expecting this one to be a hit, and the critics haven't been kind to it, but it's a shame to see.

On the flip side, James Wan's INSIDIOUS, the little horror movie that could, continues to impress. The film landed the #8 spot with $2.7 million. Not too shabby for a flick with a $1.5 million budget in its fifth week of release. It recently landed the title of most profitable movie of the year.

Duncan Jones' SOURCE CODE retained the #10 spot with $2.5 million. Wes Craven's SCREAM 4, meanwhile, took a turn for the worst. It fell to #13 in its third week, making only $2.2 million with a drop of around 70%. Neil Burger's LIMITLESS picked up another $1 million at #14.

While THOR will be swinging his mighty hammer next weekend, there will be a few genre flicks getting limited released: Jason Eisener's HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, Gustavo Hernández's THE SILENT HOUSE and Vikram Bhatt's HAUNTED 3D. Be sure to support the little guys and check 'em out if they're playing at a theater near you.

1. Fast Five
$ 83.6 million NEW
2. Rio
$ 14.4 million $ 104 million
3. Madea's Big Happy Family $ 10.1 million $ 41.1 million
4. Water for Elephants
$ 9.1 million $ 32.3 million
5. Prom
$ 5.0 million NEW
6. Hoodwinked Too
$ 4.1 million NEW
7. Soul Surfer
$ 3.3 million $ 33.8 million
8. Insidious $ 2.7 million $ 48.3 million
9. Hop
$ 2.6 million $ 105 million
10. Source Code $ 2.5 million $ 48.9 million

Source: Box Office Mojo



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