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Horror @ the Box Office: Jan 20-22 - Underworld Awakening blows away the competition

Jan. 23, 2012by: Marcey Papandrea

Happy Monday folks, another weekend has been and gone. And for the second week in a row a film starring the lovely Kate Beckinsale has won the weekend Box Office.

Last week we saw CONTRABAND take to number 1, and this week (in what should be no surprise) UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING flew to the top, wiping out the competition. It took in a decent amount and I think it proved there was life left in this franchise.

The other new bigger releases were RED TAILS (produced by George Lucas) and HAYWIRE, both making it into the Top 5. Not much else of note happened with this weeks Box Office, but with UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING on top and with the now off the Top 10 chart THE DEVIL INSIDE getting to number 1 this month, tis good for the genre.

Opening next week we have the highly anticipated THE GREY, and I cant recommend this film highly enough! Go see it and do yourself the favour!


1. Underworld: Awakening
$ 25.4 M NEW
2. Red Tails
$ 19.1 M NEW
3. Contraband
$ 12.2 M $ 46.1 M
4. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
$ 10.5 M $ 11.2 M
5. Haywire
$ 9 M NEW
6. Beauty & The Beast
$ 8.5 M $ 33.3 M
7. Joyful Noise
$ 6 M $ 21.9 M
8. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
$ 5.5 M $ 197.3 M
9. Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows
$ 4.8 M $ 178.6 M
10. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
$ 3.7 M $ 94.7 M

Box Office star Kate Beckinsale

Extra Tidbit: Does this mean we will get an UNDERWORLD 5?


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