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Horror @ the Box Office: Oct 7-9 - Hugh Jackman and the robots punch out the competition

10.10.2011by: Marcey Papandrea

In what comes as a pretty huge surprise (at least to me), REAL STEEL starring Hugh Jackman and the fighting robots won the box office. The film did not look that great from the trailers, just a fun time. However positive word of mouth and perhaps all that money they put into advertising paid off. It took in a substantial amount, and was also a hit overseas.

The other new entry THE IDES OF MARCH came in second, and if you’re wondering about that little film THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 FULL SEQUENCE, well no it didn’t place Top 10. The film brought in around $54,000, some people saw it eh? The average in-take was $3000 from the 18 theaters that showed it. DREAM HOUSE did remain in the Top 10; I guess negative reviews didn’t do much to sway people away, but still not a success.

Overall most films took a bit of a dive with their numbers. Next week we’ve got the prequel but looks like a remake of THE THING coming out. Do you think this will be a surprise hit or will audiences brush that one aside as well?


1. Real Steel
$ 27.3 M NEW
2. The Ides Of March
$ 10.4 M NEW
3. Dolphin Tale
$ 9.2 M $ 79.6 M
4. Moneyball
$ 7.5 M $ 79.6 M
5. 50/50
$ 5.5 M $ 79.6 M
6. Courageous
$ 4.6 M $ 79.6 M
7. The Lion King
$ 4.6 M $ 19.1 M
8. Dream House
$ 4.5 M $ 79.6 M
9. What's Your Number?
$ 3.1 M $ 64.7 M
10. Abduction
$ 2.9 M $ 17.4 M

REAL STEEL's Evangeline Lilly

Extra Tidbit: I kind of want to see Real Steel now, worth it?
Source: AITH



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