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Horror/comedy The Last Lovecraft coming to DVD in February

12.28.2010by: Alex DiVincenzo

MPI acquired THE LAST LOVECRAFT: RELIC OF CTHULHU back in February, and details of its release are finally in. MPI's Dark Sky label will release the film on DVD on February 15th. The cover art can be seen below. Here is the plot:

Jeff is an ordinary guy that is stuck at a dead end job with a boring life, but when a strange old man gives him an Ancient relic and tells him that he is the last bloodline of H.P. Lovecraft, He and his friend Charlie embark on an adventure to protect the relic piece from falling into the hands of the Starspawn and his minions that wish to reunite the relic and release Cthulhu back into the world.

The horror/comedy marks the feature directorial debut of Henry Saine, who has worked as graphic artist for such shows as "The Office" and "That '70's Show". Let's hope that humor rubbed off on him! The movie was written by Devin McGinn, who stars alongside Kyle Davis (FRIDAY THE 13TH).

No word on special features yet. Pre-order the DVD here.

FRIDAY THE 13TH star Amanda Righetti

Extra Tidbit: The film had its world premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival in January.
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