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Horrotica & Tiff Shepis

06.15.2009by: Mike Catalano

What if I said to you HORROTIC and Tiffany Shepis? Would you really need any further explanation to be sold? I mean, hearing a word like HORROTICA would most likely call to mind both our favorite genre as well as various forms of skin-baring debauchery. That, coupled with the sexiest scream queen to every grace the blood-soaked screen equates to a must-see for me!

But since the further info I have is pretty cool, Iím going to keep writing anyways. HORROTICA is an upcoming scary indie that just began principle photography last week in New York and good olí New Jersey. It stars Ms. Shepis (who has a cool, brand new column here at AITH) as well as many more horror regulars. Get a load of the plot:

Shepis plays B-movie actress Gina Sklar, whose attempts to track down stolen footage from her latest flick with the help of her number-one fan lead her into some scary situations.

Sure that ainít a whole lot, but remember: HORRORTICA and Tiffany Shepis! We canít lose! Iím guessing that was director, Marc Lelandís sentiments as well. The rest of his horror-friendly cast includes Tim Mandala, J. Edmund Ford, Ruby LaRocca, Tina Krause, Nicola Fiore, Carl ďDocĒ Burrows, and Alan Rowe Kelly. Iíll definitely keep you updated on more of this project as I hear it.

Extra Tidbit: I met Ms. Shepis once and, of course, she was way cool.
Source: Fangoria



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