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Hostel III a go?

11.27.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
Not that it's surprising or shocking or so left field that you need someone to slap you to make sure you're not dreaming, but it is interesting to say the least, as Variety is saying this morning that HOSTEL III is all but signed as well, to possibly follow Roth's next shoot, Stephen King's THE CELL!

Yes, a sequel to January's gorefest HOSTEL was a no-brainer, and I really can't wait to check out HOSTEL: PART II which just wrapped filming over in Prague. The German teaser was awesome, and everything I've heard about it says it's gonna kick ass... but to have a second sequel already lined up before the first sequel even hits theaters... now that's crazy!

What if the HOSTEL series doesn't hold it's own like the SAW series, what if director Eli Roth makes a dud with this one and it totally flops (not likely, but let's just say)? There are so many reasons why jumping the gun on a PART III is a bad idea that I hope they just 'hold it' and wait to see what happens with PART II, because... ya never know.

For an interesting article on the filming of HOSTEL: PART II, head over to Variety to check it out, as they talk it up with Roth about filming in the Czech Republic and working with a bigger budget, and stick around for more news on the possible HOSTE III as we hear it!
Source: Variety



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