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How close is Stephen King's It to starting production?

02.07.2014by: Eric Walkuski

Back in November came the news that "True Detective" helmer Cary Fukunaga had signed on to direct the latest adaptation of Stephen King's IT for Warner Bros. The plan, evidently, is to split the massive tale into two films, which really would be the only way to do it justice.

One of the producers of IT, Dan Lin, recently gave an interview to Collider while on the promo road for THE LEGO MOVIE. The subject of IT came up briefly, and while the news isn't too substantial, we now have a very slight idea of where they are with the project.

...Then Cary Fukunaga is writing and directing Stephen Kingís It for me, and Iím really excited for that. So Iím hoping thatíll be his next movie after the indie heís shooting in Africa. So I love what he did with True Detective. I think itís a great sample for Stephen Kingís It. So Iím really excited about that.

If Fukanaga is finished with his indie soon, he could be ready to tackle IT before the year is through. That's just conjecture, of course, but it's possible we'll be getting Pennywise news in the not-too-distant future.

Now comes the "who would you cast in IT?" conversationsÖ Any ideas?

Extra Tidbit: If you have HBO and haven't been watching Fukanaga's True Detective, get on that pronto. It's brilliant.
Source: Collider



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