Hulu's Dimension 404 nabs Tom Noonan plus Green Inferno, FTWD alums

Dimension 404 Tom Noonan Lorenza Izzo Daniel Zovatto

Hulu's sci-fi anthology series Dimension 404 has been making some truly fascinating casting decisions. Because each episode is a self-contained piece, pretty much every single entry has nabbed some solid genre names. The newest additions to the group are none other than Tom Noonan, Lorenza Izzo, and Daniel Zovatto. All three will be in different episodes.

Noonan, a beloved genre actor who has appeared in everything from MANHUNTER to THE MONSTER SQUAD, will be sharing the screen with Constance Wu and Megan Mulally as Bob, "the NSA’s unusual, most-valued secret agent, who receives counseling from a military psychologist (Wu) in order to help him overcome his performance issues and stop a deadly terrorist attack."

Lorenza Izzo recently married Eli Roth after appearing in his films KNOCK KNOCK and THE GREEN INFERNO, but she has also appeared in the anthology HOLIDAYS and the David Schwimmer series Feed the Beast. She will play Val, "a confident, brash upstart in the world of competitive video games. But while she ignores her burgeoning adult responsibilities, she discovers a mysterious Energy Drink that can slow down time and give her the competitive edge she thinks she needs."

Daniel Zovatto, who has made a name for himself in genre fare like Fear the Walking Dead, IT FOLLOWS, and the upcoming DON'T BREATHE, will be joining Sarah Hyland and Patton Oswalt as Zach, " a smooth-talking heartthrob who can not only sell people on the merits of the brand new and terrifyingly real “Cinethrax” movie format, but gain the adoration of the episode’s young heroine."

Even the young, up-and-coming cast of this show has a whole slew of credits to their name. Frankly, it's kind of incredible. I'm very intrigued to see what this show has in store.

Premiering in 2017, Dimension 404 will also star Ashley Rickards, Ryan Lee, Joel McHale, Lea Michele, and Sterling Beaumon.

Lorenza Izzo
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