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Hysterical Psycho trlr.

Apr. 24, 2009by: Mike Catalano

I knew that I had to post something on this new horror indie the second I finished reading its trailers tagline: Terrifying Hilarious Possibly Retarded Gripping Awkward Dirty Clean F*cked Up Nauseating Titillating It even goes on with a few more choice adjectives from there, but I figured youd get the picture. The flick is called HYSTERICAL PSYCHO and it is premiering at this years Tribeca Film Festival in the Midnight lineup. It looks like loads of freakin fun. Check the official synopsis:

In this side-splitting horror send-up, a theater troupe takes a trip to a country cabin, but its nearby lake is full of lunar radiation, and one of the troupe members is straight-up crazy. Put them together and you get one psycho thespian! Full of bloody, fun-filled kills, a deaf-mute chick, and some big boobs, Hysterical Psycho is a helluva trip.

How can ya beat all that?! Could we ask for anything more? You could say color, but I have a feeling that filmed in black & white fits this particular bastard. It was written and directed by Dan Fogler, who is one pretty funny dude (he was in BALLS OF FURY). The cast is composed of Noah Bean, Lennon Parham, Kelly Hutchinson, Sarah Saltzberg, and Randy Baruh. If you cant make it out to Tribeca, then you must watch the trailer directly below. Enjoy!

Extra Tidbit: I think this flick is aiming to parody the original PSYCHO with at least two shower shots in the trailer.
Source: TribecaAITH


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