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05.18.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
If you're ready for it or not, Lindsay Lohan: Scream Queen is gonna be hitting theaters this summer, so we might as well prepare ourselves now. And by prepare, I mean accept the fact that if I KNOW WHO KILLED ME does well (both critically and/or financially), we'll likely be seeing more Lohan in more horror in the years to come.

People Magazine of all places scored the first initial one-sheet for the flick, as well as a few new images that we haven't seen before. The newest part of the new images is that neither of them depict Lohan in peril- a trend we've been seeing with all previous images. Does that make these better, or vice versa? No. Just an observation.

This poster is pretty lame, and does nothing for me- but maybe that's just because it's so dang small I can't really see the details. But from what I can tell.... zzzzz... oh, sorry... I just fell asleep for a second there. It's boring, that's what I was going to say.

To check out the other brand-spankin'-new image from Lohan the Stripper, click HERE, and get ready for the infamous Lindsay Torture Scene in theaters July 27th.

Source: People



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