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If a Tree Falls 2 teases with this new poster

03.14.2013by: Kevin Woods

The sequel to the Canadian cult 70’s inspired throwback hit IF A TREE FALLS , which had its world premiere at Fantasia in 2010, is axing its way into 2013 with a new teaser poster, which we have for ya below.  The 80’s inspired sequel entitled IF A TREE FALLS 2: EXIST TO NOWHERE is fronted by the same team producing team, Ryan Barrett and Gabriel Carrer. 

IF A TREE FALLS 2: EXISTS TO NOWHERE is the second part of a planned trilogy. Breanne teBoekhorst will return as the leading axe wielding lady, Vanessa. More casting news is yet to be revealed. For more info, follow the films on their Facebook page HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Did you get a chance to check out IF A TREE FALLS? Think it is deserving of a sequel?



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