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IFC & Alan Spencer working on a "Dexter" ripoff?

11.11.2010by: Jared Pacheco
On this insanely slow news day I stumbled upon a nice little article over at Deadline Hollywood that has IFC planning on starting up a slew of series development projects. Why is this a big deal? Well because one of these projects seems eerily familiar...

Apparently IFC have struck up a deal with "Sledge Hammer" creator Alan Spencer (right) to put together an intriguing action/comedy series. The untitled project will follow a psychotic criminal trying to juggle the demands of violence and an active social life. Sound familiar? Shades of 'Dexter Morgan' and 'Patrick Bateman' I'd say. Then again 'Dexter Morgan' and 'Patrick Bateman' are two of the greatest characters ever created so is that such a bad thing?

What do you guys think? Does this mysterious project have some potential or do you think it'll fall flat on it's face? We'll be keeping our eyes open for more on the project and if things pan out we'll be sure to let you all know once we hear more!

"Dexter's" newest hottie April Lee Hernandez
Extra Tidbit: Which is your favorite closet serial killer: Dexter Morgan or Patrick Bateman?
Source: Deadline



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