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IFC Midnight draws rights to David Brooks' horror flick ATM

10.18.2011by: Jake Dee

ATM is a curious horror movie we've been scrawling about since BURIED scribe Chris Sparling announced the script at the beginning of 2010. A long way this baby has come...

According to Variety, IFC Midnight has drawn U.S. rights David Brooks' thriller ATM, although a release frame has yet to be issued. Just another feather in the cap for what has become the premiere genre VOD outlet.

Starring Alice Eve (below), Josh Peck and Brian Geraghty - ATM follows three co-workers who stop off at an ATM on the way home from a Christmas party. From there, the rest of the story is set primarily in the ATM vestibule, and never leaves the supermarket parking lot. Seems that they’re trapped by a menacing man in a hooded parka, with no way of escape.

As per usual, expect an ATM release date soon.

Extra Tidbit: You have a scary ATM experience worth sharing?
Source: Variety



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