IFC Midnight picks up The Confines, starring Jason Patric

IFC Midnight has acquired the North American distribution rights to THE CONFINES, a psychological thriller we first heard about two years ago.

Louisa Krause, Jason Patric, and Mark Margolis star in the film, which centers on 

a struggling single mother who takes a nighttime security job in an abandoned apartment building with a sinister past. She soon questions her sanity and finds herself roaming the rotting catacombs beneath the building when her scurrilous on-duty partner and a local vagrant begin toying with her. 

That's a promising set-up, here's hoping it delivers on the creepiness.

THE CONFINES marks the feature directorial debut of Eytan Rockaway, who has a cool last name and also crafted the story with screenwriter Ido Fluk.

IFC Midnight hasn't announced a release date for the film yet, but it looks like we've already made it through the longest part of the wait.

Louisa Krause

Extra Tidbit: Will you be checking out THE CONFINES?
Source: THR



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