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IFC nabs The Skeptic

04.23.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

Last week I showed ya'll a poster for the Tim Daly / Tom Arnold haunted house horror flick THE SKEPTIC (check that shit out HERE), a story that was so riveting that it spawned IFC Films to pick up the film's distribution. Yes folks, I can be that persuasive.

That, or I'm full of shit. You be the judge. IFC plans on a fairly quick turn-around, debuting THE SKEPTIC through it's On-Demand outlets starting next week on April 29th for 3 months, with a week long engagement on these dates in the following cities: New York (May 1st at the IFC Center); Albany (May 8th at The Spectrum) and Los Angeles (May 15th at the Music Hall).

But really, forget about those. Focus on the On-Demand premiere... it's free and relevant to the rest of us who don't live by those three cities. Since it's been awhile, here's a little refresher as to what THE SKEPTIC is all about: Following the mysterious death of his aunt, power lawyer Bryan Becket (Tim Daly) moves into the elderly womanís supposedly haunted Victorian mansion. A die hard skeptic, he dismisses one eerie incident after another, until the haunting turns so personal and vicious, Becketís cool, unemotional veneer begins to unravel. Whispers in the night, things he sees in the darkness, clues of a horrible secret, turn our rationalist into a terrified and reluctant seeker. A seeker of a truth so unspeakable it could destroy him. And the mystery, always just out of reach down the darkened hall, is not fully revealed until the filmís final moments. And even then, it leaves a tantalizing question.

Cool beans. If that doesn't entice you enough, check out the trailer below and prepare to be impressed. Even the presence of Tom Arnold doesn't seem to slow this one. down Of course, if you don't have On-Demand and don't live near L.A., Albany, or New York, then your wait will be awhile before it hits DVD. Like, bummer, man.

Enjoy the trailer, and get pumped for THE SKEPTIC On-Demand starting April 29th.

Extra Tidbit: Other films IFC are releasing include PONTYPOOL, DEAD SNOW, THE CHASER, HUSH, and the erotically charged DIARY OF A NYMPHOMANIAC.
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