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I,Frank art unleashed

08.11.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

A buttload of concept art has popped online today for the upcoming comic book adaptation of I, FRANKENSTEIN, the upcoming film from director Patrick Tatopoulos and comic series creator Kevin Grevioux (of the UNDERWORLD films).

IESB scored the look of Frankenstein himself, STYD scored another image of one of the main characters, and B-D has the look at the film's werewolf.

Like I said, a crapload of concept art from the film, and so far, everything is looking tip-top. The above sites are also involved with producing the film. If it ends up looking half as cool as what we have here, then color me excited! The comic sounds badass (it has yet to be released), and I can only imagine the film to follow in its footsteps.

Click links above to check out the full images, and stick around for more on I, FRANKENSTEIN as we hear it!

Extra Tidbit: IESB puts on the Wrath of Con in San Diego. Those guys sure know how to throw a party!
Source: IESB



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