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Iliadis finds Cure

03.13.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

The surprisingly well-crafted THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT hits theaters today (you should check it out), and director Dennis Iliadis is living the high life... by getting another gig directing another horror flick. Sweet!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Iliadis has signed on to direct CURE, a thriller written by Beau Michael Thorne (who also wrote MAX PAYNE... which sucked), and it goes a little something like this: a young man sends his wife for an experimental treatment to save her from a terminal illness. Although she returns completely cured, she is suddenly infected with something more terrifying.

Oddly enough, this sounds like the perfect follow-up vehicle for Illiadis, as he's shown his skills for creating powerful tension in LAST HOUSE. A movie like this is set up to feature all kinds of intense moments, and let's face it--hospitals and the like are totally creepy places to begin with, but throw in some experiments, and you have yourself one freaky party!

Shooting is scheduled to begin later this summer, so... stick around as more updates and whatnot for CURE are announced!

LAST HOUSE's Sara Paxton! Nice anchors!
Extra Tidbit: Illiadis' first movie was HARDCORE, in which he also wrote and produced.
Source: THR



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