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Independence Day 3D re-release canceled by Fox

11.21.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Brief news here on the post-conversion 3D front: 20th Century Fox has removed INDEPENDENCE DAY 3D from its summer release schedule - a victory for those who see the sudden glut of 3D re-releases as unnecessary. No reason has been given, and it is possible that the film will still get the 3D treatment at some point in the future. Just not on July 3, 2013, as had been planned since June.

However, don't go thinking the studio has seen the light: they're still re-releasing the STAR WARS prequels in 3D next fall.

It remains to be seen if Fox will still go ahead with their proposed two ID4 sequels, if they do, they probably won't be in 3D either. Roland Emmerich doesn't like it.

Extra Tidbit: Seems to me that no one really cared in the first place about ID4 in 3D. Perhaps Fox got wise to that?
Source: Box Office Mojo



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