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Inside producers offer up German vampire flick We Are The Night: Stills & Trailer!

07.17.2010by: Jared Pacheco

Here's an intriguing little project that seems to be making the rounds on these here interwebs: the German vampire flick WE ARE THE NIGHT. Alright I'm pretty much sold on the title alone, how about you?

Seriously though this thing is actually looking pretty decent. Then again that should be expected considering it's coming from the same producing team that brought us the 2007 film INSIDE. But hey, we're here to talk about WE ARE THE NIGHT, not INSIDE! So check it:

The 20-year-old Berliner LENA (Karoline Herfurth) holds herself through smaller thefts over water. In the nightly prey train through an illegal club, she encounters the century old LOUISE (Nina Hoss). The fashionable Louise is the owner of the club and at the same time the leader of a feminine vampire trio whom also the elegant CHARLOTTE (Jennifer Ulrich) and the turned off NORA (Anna fisherman) belong to. Louise falls in love with the neglected Lena and bites it in the first joint night. Henceforth Lena learns the curse and blessing of her new, eternal life. She enjoys the luxury, the parties, the boundless freedom, but already soon the blood thirst and the murder desire of her new friends. When also yet the Berliners fastens themselves police at the heel of the women and Lena discovers her feelings for the determining commissioner TOM SERNER (Max Riemelt), the events run totally except inspection.

That's a very rough translation of the synopsis for the flick. Sue me, I don't speak German. But I do know how to look up translators on Google. Sure it's a little choppy but you should get the just of it. If you're still wondering what the hell WE ARE THE NIGHT is about you can check out some brand new stills from the Dennis Gansel directed project above and below. And if that doesn't do it for you be sure to head on over to our videos section to check out the trailer for this little diddy! That's right folks, I come with gifts today!

WE ARE THE NIGHT is slated to hit it's native Germany on October 28th though there's no telling when it will reach the US, or anywhere else for that matter. We'll keep our eyes and ears open for more updates regarding WE ARE THE NIGHT but in the meantime you can check out the flick's official website!

WE ARE THE NIGHT (2010) - Trailer

Extra Tidbit: Dennis Gansel last directed 2008's THE WAVE.



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