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Insidious' Ty Simpkins lands Jurassic World lead role; Jake Johnson set as well?

Oct. 14, 2013by: Eric Walkuski

INSIDIOUS 1 and 2's Ty Simpkins has gone from possessive demons to rampaging dinosaurs. is reporting that the 12-year-old actor has just booked a lead role in JURASSIC WORLD, which is being directed by Colin Trevorrow.

The site also reports that Jake Johnson ("New Girl", DRINKING BUDDIES) is also in the mix to star in the film, although nothing has been confirmed yet. A few weeks ago it was reported that Bryce Dallas Howard was in talks to join the sequel, but that isn't a sure thing either.

In addition to the INSIDIOUS films, Simpkins has starred in IRON MAN 3, LITTLE CHILDREN and WAR OF THE WORLDS (which was directed of course by JURASSIC WORLD producer Steven Spielberg). Naturally, we don't have any idea what kind of character he'll be playing in the dino-film, but my money's on a precocious 'tween of some sort... We'll keep you updated as pre-production continues to chug along.

JURASSIC WORLD is scheduled to be released on June 12, 2015.

Source: Deadline

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