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INT: Aimee Bravo

03.21.2003by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews Aimee Bravo

After watching "Jigsaw", Aimee Bravo stuck out in my noggin. Not only because she was quite the sizzling looker, but also because she had the strong acting chops to back her up. Arrow uncovered Miss Bravo for a little one-on-one and this is what came out of it.

1) What's your favorite horror movie?

I really enjoyed being scared shitless while watching "Poltergeist" as a kid. I have a very vivid imagination that often gets me worked up when I am alone at night. Poltergeist definitely freaked me out.

2) How did you get into acting? Was it by fluke or a long-time goal?

Probably more of a life time goal... however, I believe that acting is simply a part of who I am, rather than a goal I am trying to achieve. The only goal, I suppose, is to make a living doing what I love, but I will always be an actress no matter what. So this passion for acting perhaps fell upon me and now I am just trying to put it to use.

3) "Jigsaw" is your only listed film credit. Have you acted in anything else that we should know about?


4) What was it about the "Jigsaw" script or the overall project that made you want to do it?

Well, lots of things actually. When I got called in for the audition after submitting a headshot and resume from an ad I spotted in a local newsletter for Chicago actors, Don Adams and Harry Picardi had me read Tawny's monologue which I immediately connected with. It's a great monologue and I just went with it. Not only was the role intriguing, it was also the first horror film I had the opportunity to work on. I also felt very comfortable with Don and Harry after only meeting with them once and a few brief phone conversations, but I knew that they were good people, very open, supportive and professional. I wanted to work with them and I am so glad that I did!

5) The monologue...how hard was it for you to reach that place emotionally?

It was all in the words. Tawny's story made me cry from the first time I read the monologue. I am an emotional person to begin with. Like, I could never be a news reporter, who seem to exploit tragedies with ease and an unexplainable coldness. I simply felt the reality of what I was saying.

6) How many takes did it require for you to nail that specific scene?

I could very well be wrong, but I think, amazingly enough, we got through it in three takes, only two of which I got through the whole piece. Don, fortunately, loved what I was doing with the monologue and decided they had what they needed. I was grateful for this since it was the first scene to be shot of the day. I was glad to get that one out of the way because while it is easy to feel something for the first time, it is not easy to recreate that feeling over and over again, especially something that intense.

7) The lap dance. Was that choreographed and rehearsed, or did they just let you loose and shoot it?

A little bit of both. Don walked me through what he wanted as far as my positioning around Jigsaw, but there was nothing choreographed except for the gun "hand job"...that was Don's idea. Don also had the song available for me to dance to while filming, which was a tremendous help. From there I'd say that they just let me go with it. We only rehearsed a few times but it was more for the camera than it was for me. Everyone on set was so great as far as spirit and professionalism that I felt very comfortable to get down and dirty with it. We all, I am assuming, enjoyed this part of the day.

8) What's next on your plate? Any other acting projects in the works?

Unfortunately, I am not working on anything in particular right now, but hopefully something will hit soon. For now, I look forward to seeing the completion of "The Intervention" and "Kyle and Heidi".

9) Do you have any other career ambitions outside of acting?

Well, does being a wedding planner for the next year count? I just recently got engaged and am looking forward to getting married, hopefully, Spring 2004, but no date is set. Outside of planning a wedding and acting, I am also a group fitness instructor. It's a great way for me to stay in shape and, most importantly, it's a great reward when you inspire someone else's desire to be healthy and feel good about themselves.

10) When she wants to kick and relax, what does Aimee Bravo do?

I go on vacation. If I can't go on a vacation, which most of the time I can't, I do what most people do...hang out with my friends and drink.

I'd like to thank Aimee for her time and wish her the best of luck with her acting career. With her hot looks and obvious talent, she should do just fine in the trenches of the movie biz.



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