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INT: Amber Valletta

01.25.2007by: The Arrow

JoBlo.com/AITH interviews Amber Valletta


You might know her from her stints in Hitch and The Transporter 2, you might not. No matter... she's hot as hell and is here to tell us (or what she "can" tell us) about her DEAD SILENCE role, straight from the set. Here's Valletta!

Letís start with you telling us about your character.

What do you want to know?

Would you describe her as a trophy wife?

Sheís a trophy wife, married to Jamieís (Ryan Kwanten) father and sheís his third wife.

About the same age as Jamieís character?

About the same age, maybe a little bit older. Sheís just happy to be a part of the family.

What did you like about the script when you read it?

Itís not a typical movie within the genre. It has kind of an old school element to it with a nice modern twist. James Wan was the big draw too cause James and his partner wrote it and James is filming it and his vision is just awesome.

What intrigued you about the character?

The character is something I hadnít played before and I really wanted to work with James Wan.

Were you familiar with SAW?


You saw it before accepting this role?


Do you like horror movies?

Not particularly, I appreciate them, yes but I get scared easily, I donít watch them because they make me very tense. But Iím an actress, so you kind of got to try all things and be part all of things.

What made you decide to view SAW before this movie?

I had heard a lot about SAW, I just thought it was a good idea to watch the movie, considering I was going to go and possibly work with James. I was really impressed by his filmmaking.

Were you creeped out?

Totally; it was really gross.

Did you do any preparation before doing this role?

I always prepare with roles, usually with a coach. And then I take my preparation on the road with me and sometimes Iím lucky, I got a coach to come meet me for the weekend. This time I just had to bring my stuff with me and do it via phone. So thereís only so much you can prepare for beforehand. You do a lot of the work when youíre actually on set and stuff.

What kind of input did James have in terms of your character?

He had all the input since heís the director. He has a very clear vision and has a clear idea as to how things should look and be seen.

Did he actually have input in character?

Oh yeah, thatís inevitable when you hire an actress. He obviously will have the character one way in his mind and Iím gonna perceive it another way. So I got to meld it while staying true to me. Heís very cool with it!

What kind of relationship do you have with the character of Jamie?

We have a typical relationship of meeting your stepmother, basically. Youíll have to see the movie to see the relationship unfold. But I can tell you that working with Ryan was a pleasure, heís extremely talented and heís going to get a lot of work I think after this film. Heís handsome, smart; funnyÖthis is a great role for him.

Were you involved in any scary scenes?

We did shoot in a graveyard, a fake one but that was still kind of creepy. And once at night and that was prettyÖyeah.

Anything physical in your role?

Yeah a little bit and I like that. Itís very fun to get to do things that you normally donít do in your everyday life. I think thatís what so interesting of being an actor. You get to experiment and go to emotional and physical places that you donít normally go to.

Which is tougher for you?

It depends; I havenít done a super action film yet so I canít say which would be more taxing. I can imagine though that when youíre doing a very serious action film and youíre the lead, its probably even more taxingÖI donít knowÖ its hard to sayÖits like apple and oranges. On one end your body is exhausted, on the other your brain is exhausted.

For an emotional scene do you go there and stay there or do you shut it off?

I thought that I shut it off but Iím wondering now. Iíve had after the fact breakdowns, not even at work and Iím like what was this about? Then Iím like well you shot such and suchÖso I say oh yeahÖno wonder Iím a head case right now. So I think inevitably, acting does seep onto your life and its hard to separate fact from fiction, the brain doesnít know the difference.

So you did a horror film but you canít talk much about it?

It would be silly if I talked about it too much then why do you see the horror film. Itís the whole element of whatís going to happen next in horror films that make it so interesting and fun and take you on that ride. This film has been fun, lots of work, long hours, the sets are beautiful and the filming is cool and different from what youíve seen in horror films in a long time and the plot is really interesting. I think its going to be a great success?

What do you think it was about you that made them pick you for the role?

Iím sure it was based on physicality and my work as an actress. What they see in their brain as the character plays into it. I mean one girl could have a great audition and the other one too and they see a small thing in one and say, thereís the character. You donít know what it is; it just makes sense. Iím guessing its something like that; itís a question youíd have to ask James. Iím not comfortable answering a question about something objective about myself.

Thank you!

Thank you guys!

Thanks to Amber for the chat and the cleavage! Much appreciated!





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