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INT: April Billingsley

01.07.2005by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews April Billingsley

The moment I saw actress April Billinsley suck a lollipop in the "DEAD MEAT" trailer (see it here for yourself), I knew I wanted her on the site. In DEAD MEAT April plays a horn dog cheerleader who not only has to fight two moronic escaped convicts but also the Long Schlonged Legend Ron Jeremy as psychopath "Andre The Butcher". The flick sounds like fun cheese to me and I'm looking forward to it (it should come out this winter) Till then, find out a little bit more about April below. You got the floor girl!

What’s your favorite horror movie?

This is kind of embarrassing. The first movie I ever saw was Child's Play. I was really little and I think my older siblings thought it would be funny. At the time, my favorite thing in the entire world was my baby doll, Isabell. After I saw child's play I was convinced she was going to kill me. No, seriously, I thought she was going to kill me. I locked her in my room at night and slept on the couch for a couple of months before dragging my mattress out into the hall so I could guard the door at night. I told you it was embarrassing. So, anyway, I tend to like horror movies that are more funny than scary.

How did you get into acting? Was it by fluke or was it always a goal?

I took my first acting class when I was five, but I was never a person that had lots of direction. You know, in kindergarten, when they would have you fill out questionnaires about what you wanted to do when you grew up? I think one of mine said that I wanted to be a green tree and the other one a caterpillars, or something like that. I did my first professional play when I was ten because one of my acting teachers asked me to do it. Then, there was a long period where I didn't do anything much related to acting at all. I really started pursuing it when I turned eighteen and wanted something fun to do with my life. I would have to say that deep down, I think I always knew I was destined to play a lesbian cheerleader that fights Ron Jeremy, you know, as opposed to becoming a tree.

How would you describe the audition process for “Dead Meat”? Easy money or arduous? Why?

Before any auditions, I sent the director, Phil Cruz, a postcard that read "I would love to eat a piece of Dead Meat." I decided that was a little too out there, so I crossed out "eat" and "piece" with one line each and wrote above them so that the card also read "I'd love to be a part of Dead Meat." I remember putting it in the mail thinking "what I am doing?", but then I thought, "who names their movie Dead Meat?" and I sent it anyway. Phil loved the card and from then on I'd say it was easy money.

What can you tell us about your role in “Dead Meat?

Besides being a lesbian cheerleader that eats chili, kicks ass, and likes cookies? Cookie is another character in the movie if you didn't know. She's pretty scrumptious. So, right, my role... uh, I don't like sausages too much, but I think peaches are peachy king if you know what I mean, nudge, nudge, wink.

What was the more fun aspect about living through this particular shoot?

You mean that my character doesn't die, or just that I didn't die getting through the actual shoot? Let's see. The best part about the shoot was continually doing really stupid things to make the crew laugh on the really late nights and the best part about not dying in general, well, I'd have to say, my favorite part was the fight training necessary for my survival in the film. Training for "Dead Meat" introduced me to martial arts with karate, and now I learning Capoeira and Jiu Jitsu. I train about three hours a day almost everyday, and I absolutely love it!

What was the hardest scene for you to nail down as an actress?

Well, carpentry isn't really my thing, I'm more of an actress like you said, but there is this one scene where I have a monologue that just goes on, and on... I worked pretty hard on nailing that down. Me, that nail, that piece of paper, and that board had a good 'ol time. The hammer tried to hit my finger a couple of times, but I showed it who's boss.

You kiss another girl in this film and you display some flesh; were those bits at all challenging for you to do?

Maybe it was a little challenging, but I think challenges make life fun. I'm going to let you in on a little secret about the kiss, that wasn't actually the first time I kissed a girl, so I wasn't that nervous.

What’s next on your plate “acting wise”?

Well... I'm in film school at Florida State University right now, so I've been acting in a bunch of short films here for my friends. Its really nice because I've been getting to play some meaty roles that I'm not sure I would've had the opportunity to play this early in my career otherwise. Plus, its good for my friends because I've been doing their films pro-boner (little freudian slip there). Um, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, meat, wait, no... acting, right? Let's see, I'll probably do Phil's next movie, and besides that, I'm just going with the flow and having fun with what comes my way.

I heard that you’re thinking of hopping on the “Director” bandwagon? What types of films are you planning on making?

That's fabulous question. I'd love to direct a horror movie, but when people are running around with blood all over them, it sometimes freaks me out. I say that like that happens all the time. Truth be told, I'm too gullible, I'm sure my crew would exploit that fact. "What do you mean the gaffer slit your throat?" I'd be calling 911 every five minutes. I don't know, I might attempt it at some point. I've directed two shorts already. One was a mystery and the other a romance. Right now I'm working on a documentary. Next, I have a couple dark comedies I've written that I want to do. One has some blood in it. I'm really just experimenting right now. When it comes down to it, I love storytelling, whether I'm acting or directing.

What would be April Billingsley’s philosophy in regards to that little journey we call “life”?

Hmm. I don't exactly have a set mantra, but I'll give it a stab. I think everyone should give more than one-hundred percent to anything and everything they want to accomplish. That does not go, however, for aspiring serial killers. Anyway, what I said, and don't take life to seriously... again, that does not go for aspiring serial killers, taking life in any form is bad. Okay, one last thing, it is very important to the happiness of all that everyone, yes, everyone this time, because I know some of you, you know who you are you killers, have been feeling left out... So let me repeat, it is important to the happiness of all that everyone see "Dead Meat" when it comes out.

Thanks Arrow! Its been a bloody good time.

I'd like to thank April for dropping by the site and for the fly chit-chat. Looking forward to see ya kick butt and teach lollipops lessons in Dead Meat!






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