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INT: Audrina Partridge

Aug. 12, 2009by: Eric Walkuski

Even as someone who has never seen an episode "The Hills" in his life, I knew who Audrina Partridge was. Having been on the "reality" show for three years, I suppose it was time for Partridge to prove that she can act while playing a character other than herself. In SORORITY ROW, Partridge plays Megan, one of a groups of sorority sisters who decide to play a prank on an unsuspecting friend. Naturally, things go fatally wrong.

I caught up with Audrina on the set of SORORITY ROW while she was filming late at night during a freezing Pittsburgh evening.

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS about SORORITY ROW follow. (Spoilers that were TOO major have been edited at the request of the studio.)

How many times have you died so far?

AUDRINA: Oh, a lot. Last night we filmed so late and now, I mean, were continuing the rest of the scene tonight. Ive died more than a few times.

Did you have the blood on you last night as well?

AUDRINA: Last night. So, it dried and was crunchy so we had to put it back on again. You have to get all the different angles. Its fun though!

How are you surviving in the cold?

AUDRINA: Well, I think tonight is a little colder than last night. But, theres jackets and heaters. Its just being in lingerie when youre laying on the cold dirt going into scene, I mean for my death scene I need to convulse and shake anyways so it kind of helps.

Did you come in to audition? Did they have you scream?

AUDRINA: Did I come into audition?

For the role?

AUDRINA: Um, I actually got the script and I read it and I loved it. And I met with the producers and talked to them and it happened.

Had you been shopping around for a film like this?

AUDRINA: No! Something different. I want to expand my acting abilities. Like horror films, chick flicks, um, drama, comedy. So, this is my first horror film.

What can you tell us about your character?

AUDRINA: Um, Megan is her name and she is the sorority with all the girls and shes sort of the sassy, feisty one and her boyfriend Garrett cheated on her, so like, all the sorority girls are sisters and we want to get him back for cheating on me, because if he cheats on me he cheats on all my sorority sisters. And so, we set up this prank [edited]. But its been a great experience. I just got her on Sunday and were just starting so Ill be her next week as well. I got to go in and do the casting for the mold of my face at the end of the movie.

How was that part, was it fun or?

AUDRINA: Yeah! Its fun and I cant wait to see it. They are still doing make up on it and [edited]. So, its a great experience Ill never forget.

Are you a fan of the genre?

AUDRINA: Yknow, actually I went and rented the 1983 version, House on Sorority Row and I watched it a few weeks ago. And yknow, its about the sorority sisters and them playing pranks and yknow it turns into something bad, but this one I feel like its gonna be better.

Any input in your death scene?

AUDRINA: Yeah, youve got to put yourself in that character and take yourself to that moment like if youre really going through that or if youre really that person. Its kind of give it your all. Youve got to take yourself out of who you are become that character and really play the part.

Did they do a mold of your chest that they are going to spike into?

AUDRINA: Yeah, last night we did this scar and it looked real when I get stabbed. Its really gross. So, there are lots of pictures and I just cant wait to see how it turns out.

Are you a big fan of horror movies?

AUDRINA: Yes, I love scary movies. I always have. I have never really been afraid of them.

What are some of your favorites?

AUDRINA: Some of my favorites "Amityville Horror" is good. "Saw" is different because its more like you are trying to figure out the whole game plan. Um, I loved "Childs Play" is funny. When I was little I used to watch that. That actually kind of scared me. "White Noise." I liked that. And, "The Strangers" really gets you to jump. Thats a new one that just came out.

Do you know what you are going to do after this?

AUDRINA: Well, Im still filming The Hills, so we are filming that till the end of the December, fourth season. And I dunno. I have a few different guest stars. A few different TV shows, while Im also doing The Hills. And Im going to go back and forth to shoot The Hills. Im coming back next week.

Will this be mentioned on The Hills?

AUDRINA: No, they dont want to incorporate that into the show, so, it doesnt. I dunno. I talked to the producers about it, but they didnt want to bring that part of my life into the show which is hard because its what I moved to LA to do and this is my passion, my love, so its kind of hard not to share it with the fans and bring them on the journey.

When does the current shooting schedule stop?

AUDRINA: Um, well our finale is December 22nd and then I dunno. It just depends after, if were gonna get picked up for another season or bonus episodes. Depending on the ratings and how interested people are. Well go from there.

How was working with the cast?

AUDRINA: It was fun. The first night I got here we went out and had dinner and saw the city and I love Rumor and Brianna, Jamie and Margo, everyone. Lea. Matt is awesome. Everyone. Its such a great cast and crew. Weve all been having so much fun together.

Had you met any of them before?

AUDRINA: Uh, no. So, we all just met and everyone gets a long and have a good time.

You must be freezing.

AUDRINA: No, actually Im not. Last night was cold.

Did you think youd be in LA on a soundstage filming this scene, not on the ground?

AUDRINA: Well this is part of making movies and it makes it look real. I had to spit up so much blood it got in my eyes and up my nose and I had to just take it.

What does it taste like?

AUDRINA: Its actually kind of good. (Laughs.) Its sweet its like corn syrup. Its just really, really sticky.

How did you get wet?

AUDRINA: Yeah, this is from me spitting it up and they added a little bit and we didnt do the scar today but I just spit up a lot of blood.

nd what do you think of wearing the lingerie?

AUDRINA: Well, its a sorority lingerie pj party and in the scene I am with my boyfriend in lingerie and playing a joke on him. Yeah.

Have you shot that scene yet?

AUDRINA: No, were gonna shoot that next week. Im getting my death over first. (Laughs.)
Extra Tidbit: Sorority Row comes out on 9/11/09.
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