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INT: Bruce Campbell

Mar. 14, 2003by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell needs no introduction and if he does to you, then you have no business being on this site in the first place! (just kidding...or am I?) In approaching Bruce for an interview, I thought it would be fun to try a new approach, so I made the questions lighter and more humor-inclined. Bruce ran with them and here's what went down.

Arrow: Is Elvis The King Presley alive and kicking in Maui or is he really dead?

BRUCE: Honestly, I cant answer that because I have a confidentiality agreement with the Presley estate in order to do Bubba Ho-Tep.

Arrow: Todays teen slashers? YAY or NAY?

BRUCE: Big nay. Am I supposed to feel sorry for a bitchy WB actress?

Arrow: What do you think your severed hand from "Evil Dead 2" is doing at this VERY MOMENT?

BRUCE: Most likely making methane in a Wadesboro, North Carolina landfill. Most of that crap was foam and got pitched.

Arrow: You want to shave the edge off; whats your alcoholic beverage of choice?

BRUCE: I shave the edge with a drink I made up called a Rum Dinger equal parts of Meyers dark rum and Kahlua (sp?) on the rocks, or with a splash of ginger ale. Its a sweet bastard, but I like it.

(NOTE TO SELF: Try that "Campbell Made" mix of a drink...sounds like good shite!)

Arrow: Burger King, Wendys, McDonalds, Dennys or Popeyes? Which one talks to you?

BRUCE: On a book tour, racing from city to city, Ill go Sausage McMuffin with egg for the occasional eat now or die scenario in the mornings. BK sucks on all accounts. No Popeye ever. Gross. In an all around pinch, Wendys works pretty well for me.

Arrow: What movie have you ever cried at or almost cried at while watching it?

BRUCE: I cried a little during Glory, but I was getting divorced at the time. I almost cried at one scene in Midnight Run, where Robert DeNiros estranged daughter gives him some of her savings to help him out. I almost cried when Frank Sinatra got gunned down on the train tracks at the end of Von Ryans Express.

Arrow: If you had to pick (theres a gun to your head): blonde, dark haired or redheaded women? Whats your preference?

BRUCE: Dark, always. Most blondes are artificial. Blonde is way overrated. The redheaded thing is too rare to factor in.

Arrow: Whats the worst job you ever held to support yourself in between acting gigs?

BRUCE: Security Guard, and it wasnt because of the job itself, it was because guarding beer in Reseda, California wasnt where I expected to be at that time in my life.

Arrow: Would you mind calling me a Primitive Screwhead?

BRUCE: Not at all. Arent you one?

Arrow: Name me one reason why Arrow in the Head is one of your favorite horror sites on the web?

BRUCE: Because Ive never been there! Ha!

ARROW: I respect that!

BRUCE: Stay groovy!

ARROW: You too!

I'd like to thank Bruce Campbell for humoring me with this little "interview". Not only is the man as kool as a cucumber, but he also loves his Kahlua and McMuffins. That's all I needed to hear. Now I know that the dude is top ranked in my "Class Act" book of slickdom. Keep up the great work, Bruce!


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