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INT: Common

Jun. 25, 2008by: JimmyO

Common is a name very well respected in music. In 2006, he released “Be” which was a critical and commercial success. In fact, before and after he has found much success and continues to do so. With numerous Grammy nominations, he has recently made a splash in Hollywood. He appeared in the films, AMERICAN GANGSTER, STREET KINGS and SMOKING ACES. Aside from his latest film, WANTED. He is also involved in TERMINATOR SALVATION. It looks as though the rapper turned movie star may be around for awhile.

When I sat with him at The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, I found him to be a very friendly gentleman. We talked about WANTED and about how he prepared to play the character Gunsmith. It is an interesting contrast from his music which is much more positive. Although his role in the latest Angelina Jolie flick is small, I think we will be seeing much more of him as he continues to try and expand on his acting resume. But if you are looking for him to get crafty with firearms, you can check him out in WANTED, opening Friday at a theatre near you.



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