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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Daniel Radcliffe talks The Woman in Black!

01.31.2012by: Eric Walkuski

For over ten years, the name Daniel Radcliffe has almost singularly been associated with his on-screen alter ego, Harry Potter. But after last year's resolution of the storied Potter franchise, Radcliffe is now in a position to throw the wand away and establish himself as a legitimate thespian.

In his first post-Harry cinematic role, Radcliffe is Arthur Kipps, the haunted protagonist in James Watkins' THE WOMAN IN BLACK. Playing a widowed young lawyer who comes face to face with a tortured spirit's curse, Radcliffe has chosen to tackle a decidedly grown-up character. I was fortunate enough to sit down with Daniel to talk about why he chose THE WOMAN IN BLACK to be the next step in his ongoing transition from Boy Wizard to serious actor.

Extra Tidbit: THE WOMAN IN BLACK hits theaters on February 3rd.



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