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INT: Denice Duff

06.21.2000by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews Denice Duff

Denice Duff has appeared in martial arts flicks (Martial Law 2, Bloodfist 5), in a great television series (Invasion), but us horror fiends know her best as Michelle the sexy vampire in the Bloodspecies series. Not only is she an accomplished photographer and a proud mother, but she also looks stunning in a pair of fangs. Denice took some time out for a little "bla bla" with The Arrow. Bite on this, friends!

1-What's your favorite horror movie?

Burnt Offerings, Exorcist, Trilogy of Terror, any Twilight Episode: All because they are more psychological thrillers, believable stories being more important than the killing scenes.

2- You're known to horror fans as Michelle the female vampire in the Subspecies series. Any funny, memorable set stories you can share with us?

I actually ate a spider just before a take because I wasn't feeling "dangerous" enough, I had gotten too giddy with the crew, so I saw a spider on the set, crushed it with my fingers and ate it, just then the Director said "Action".

3- What kind of preparation, research did you do when you first got the part of Michelle the vampire?

Rented Vampire flicks, read Anne Rice, then thought of Michelle as a Hollywood Blvd junkie or Hooker lost on the streets trying to make her way back.

4- You did lots of TV and film...what was the most challenging part for you as an actress and why?

The best scene was with Marlee Matlin on the TV show "Reasonable Doubts" where I killed my dad for sexual harassment and wanted to let the world know about it! The writing was great, I cried every take on film.

5- You're also a talented photographer...any other art forms you're interested in?

I love playing the bongos and any percussion instrument.

6- Was it hard to keep a straight face while filming Frogtown 2?


7- When you're not acting, what does Denice Duff like to do?

Photography, kiss my daughter, eat, kiss my daughter, take photos, talk on the phone with my girl friends and cheer them up!

8- In this world, what's the one thing that touches you the most, moves you the most? (deep)

When somebody helps another without any benefit to themselves. Mark Harmon saw a woman with a flat tire on the freeway and pulled over to help her and was late to the set on a show I was working on with him. I loved that.

9- Can we expect to see you in another Subspecies? What are your future projects?

Part 5 is a prequel and tells you how Radu became a Vampire and I play Michelle's reincarnated version. It's 9th century .We start it this summer in Romania.

10- What's the worst horror flick you've ever seen?

I might burn a bridge or hurt someone's feelings so I won't touch that one....it's a small town!

I, of course thank Denice for talking with me. I also encourage all of you to check out her Official Site. You’ll find pics from her films and some of her own photography as well (great stuff).



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