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INT: Dominick Brascia

09.01.2000by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews Dominick Brascia

Dominick Brascia has directed two horror films: Evil Laugh and Hard Rock Cafe. He was also a radio personality in Vegas and acted in National Lampoon’s Last Resort. But us gore fans know him as Joey, the chocolate bar kid that gets the right side of the axe in Friday The 13th Part 5: A New Beginning. God, was that chop chop scene disturbing. The Arrow caught up with Dominick, just to see whassup and here's how it went down

1- What’s your favorite horror flick?

I don't really have one. Maybe "Hush, Hush Sweat Charlotte". I like all types of films.

2- You played Joey, the butchered boy in Friday 5, do you have any funny set stories you can share with us?

I had lots of fun on the set. The cast was great. The day I was to be killed I kept asking the actor who played Vic to let me check his ax. He thought this was odd but the real ax and the fake one looked so alike. I was scared he might pick up the wrong one by mistake. I love my work but I didn't want him to really kill me.

3- How did you get the audition? How did the audition take place?

My agent called, I read the script, I liked it. I met with the casting people and they wanted me to play it one way. I disagreed and when I met with the director I told him how I thought Joey should be and he agreed.

4- How do you think Friday 5 holds up compared to the rest of the series?

I think it holds up better then some of the other films in the series. You really didn't need to see 4 to understand 5. With some of them you couldn’t understand the action unless you saw the previous film.

5- You also had guest spots on Night Court and Night Rider, that must have been a blast! How did that go?

I had a lot of fun on Night Court I really like comedy. I even made a few suggestions to the director and he took them. I suggested he change a scene that I wasn't even in. I told him if he did it a different way it would get a big laugh. He tried it and I did. I guess the writer/director in me is always coming out. Nightrider was cool I did it two times. I love Sci-Fi, so playing in Kitt and learning how the car really worked was just great.

6- You've hopped on the director bandwagon with 3 films to your credit: Evil Laugh, Hard Rock Nightmare and Steven And The Troll. Which one of your films are you most proud of?

I am proud of all of them.. Evil Laugh is coming out again soon on DVD and I am going to be interviewed and you can watch the film with me while I tell you all the behind the scenes tricks. Steven and The Troll has just been re-named to MY LIFE AS A TROLL. I am hoping to find a Distribution company for it soon. TROLL is my best film as a director and it is not a horror film. I am currently trying to make a horror film. It is gonna be scary and well acted. Know any one who has a million or two to invest and wants to get into movies...?

7- Where can we expect to see you next? In front or behind the camera?

Both. I am the star of Troll and I hope to have a co-starring role in my next film.

8- I heard you had your own radio show in Vegas at a certain point. What happened with that?

Well, I love radio. As a matter of fact, here in NYC I am the fill in talk show host on WEVD 1050 AM. When someone gets sick, I jump in. In Vegas, I did a really fun show. The ratings were the highest in the ten year history of AM Las Vegas radio. My talk show was second only to Howard Stern. I thought "This is great. I can make movies and do radio!" The station KXNT (Owned by CBS) had only one problem. Someone in the Vegas management didn't care about ratings, they worried about the show sounding too Jewish (By the way I am not Jewish. The person in management just thought all people from NYC sounded Jewish). So I got fired. I could not understand how in this day and age people could still dislike people because they are Jewish or black, or Italian. But it happens.

The person who took over my show NEVER got the ratings I did. I don't think something like that would happen in a big city like LA and NYC. In VEGAS the Casino advertise on any station and don't really care who's tuning in. I would like to do a show again in NYC.

9- What's the weirdest thing that ever happened to you due to your involvement with the Friday the 13th series?

I was at the Improv comedy club in LA with some friends who were really big stars and a women came up to me and ignored all the other actors and said how much she loved Joey and she named her cat Joey and she knew all the lines and she tried to watch me in everything. That was weird cause I was with some REALLY BIG STARS and she was only interested in me. Another time some guys in LA followed me, with a bat, they wanted to beat me up or who knows...kill me! They kept yelling "That's the guy from Friday the 13, Jason's Son... Joey... let's get him!" That's a long story...it involved the police...let's just say that being an actor is strange.

10- When's the last time you watched Friday The 13 Part 5?

About a month ago I was watching TV and it came on. I watched about a half hour.

Thanks a lot bud, if you guys want know more about the man check his site out at: www.dominickbrascia.8m.com



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