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INT: Felissa Rose

01.15.2001by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews Felissa Rose

Felissa Rose (Angela) was the star of the cult classic slasher flick "Sleepaway Camp". That movie's ending kicked my arse all over the place and I'll always remember it. Arrow caught up with Felissa to see what she's been up to and this is how it turned out.

1- What's your favorite horror movie?

Wow, that's a great question! I just started getting into horror films, I was always really terrified by them, so I'd have to say "The Shining"! Jack Nicholson just blew my mind and I've never gotten that image out of my head when he's chasing Shelly Duvall with the axe! I also loved "Amityville Horror", which I saw when we were filming "Sleepaway Camp"...it brings back fond memories!

2- You were 13 when u tackled the part of Angela. What kind of preparation does a 13 year old do for a part like that?

Robert Hiltzik, the director, was amazing in helping me play such a twisted little devil. We rehearsed prior to filming and I really understood Angela because what teenager doesn't have feelings of insecurities and anxiety!? Although Angela's behavior was totally nuts, I just magnified my own personality quirks and felt like I understood where she was coming from. I guess when we're kids we have great imaginations and I believed I was her. Don't I sound like a psycho....?

3- Any funny set story you can share with us?

There were so many stories and such great people attached to this film, but the one thing I can remember is when we were filming the scene in the rec hall with John Dunn and Tom VanDell. They were supposed to be making fun of me and I had the quiet stare going. John and I could not stop laughing at Tom because he was trying to play his character like a smooth operator and every time he spoke we just burst out laughing, so that one shot pretty much took all night to film. After a while I couldn't stop giggling, let alone stare so we stopped shooting and collected ourselves, but if you look at that scene (they want me to go skinny dipping) you can see that I just want to laugh my ass off!!

4- Were you asked to play Angela in the two sequels? I was bummed that
you didn't return...

That's so sweet! I did read for the role and was asked to do it by Jerry Silva (the producer for 1,2 &3) but it was going to be 6 months in Georgia and I just got into college so I turned it down. I think it turned out for the best and I'd love to meet Pamela Springsteen, maybe a little Angela get together!

5- Rumor has it that a fourth sequel might come our way. If it happens would you be interested in being attached to the project? Would you play Angela one more time?

I would love to do another Sleepaway Camp! Playing Angela again would definitely be a trip, especially to play her as an adult.

6- What have you been up to since? Are u still acting?

I'm still acting. Recently I did a short horror film called, "Birds of a Feather", and I played a killer, hmmm...something about my personality!? I've done a lot of theatre in NY and I have a few film projects ready to go. I'm working with Dante Tomaselli (writer director of "Desecration" -- check it out!) on his new feature "Horror". This film is going to be a totally wild ride. All horror fans will love this movie! Another film I'm in rehearsal for right now is "In Lies We Trust" a political thriller. Both are set to film in the next couple of months. I'm so excited about both projects because these scripts are incredible and I play two great characters!

7- Are you surprised that horror fans remember this film to this day?

I'm soooooo surprised and grateful! It feels awesome that people remember it after all these years!

8- What was your reaction when you first saw the film?

Sheer excitement! I didn't feel like I was watching myself so I really got to experience the story and the creepiness. It seemed totally different from what we filmed. I enjoyed it and saw it with all my friends and family, so that was cool!

9- When she's not killing people, what does Angela do in her spare time?

Well, she likes to knit and play hopscotch....only kidding! I'd say Angela pretty much stays home, watches TV (like the X-Files) and just removes people when they get in her way! She's really cool, just don't mess with her!

10- Have you seen the two sequels? If so, what did you think?

I own them and I've been too scared to watch them, but I'm going to curl up in my pj's, make some popcorn, and put them on. Hopefully, I'll be O.K. and come out of it alive.....

What a classy lady. Thanks Felissa, come back anytime. I also would like to thank Jeff for hooking me up with Felissa. You guys should all check out Jeff and John's massive Sleepaway Camp site, happy camping...




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