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INT: George Romero

02.15.2008by: JimmyO

George A. Romero is known for giving life to the undead. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, DAWN OF THE DEAD, DAY OF THE DEAD and recently LAND OF THE DEAD are well known for not only flesh eating, but the social relevance back when Night was first released in 1968. While his other films are not quite as well known, they still offer up some compelling tales of terror including MARTIN, THE CRAZIES and of course his work with CREEPSHOW. He is a legend in the horror genre and his latest film, DIARY OF THE DEAD continues his long-running love affair with zombies. It is a smart and fascinating tale, and in the midst of films like CLOVERFIELD, surprisingly fresh and very relevant.

I am still amazed that only a couple of days ago, I got to sit one on one with this legend. He has remained a strong force in horror, and itís very nice to see him return to making independent films. My only regret is that I was given such a short time to talk with him. He is an incredibly intelligent and kind man who has much to say about his latest, especially the challenge of keeping the narrative first person. He brings us closer to those pesky flesh eaters, more than ever before. You can see what he has been up to this coming Friday, when Diary of the Dead opens, hopefully at a theatre near you. Let me know what you think. Send questions and comments to [email protected]

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