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INT: Jenna Jameson

01.25.2002by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews Jenna Jameson

Even folks who don't practice "self-love" to porno movies must know the name "Jenna Jameson". She's the numero-uno lady in her field and thankfully for us genre fiends, she's branching out onto the horror playground with a meaty role in "Samhain". This marked my last visit on the Montreal-based set of the movie, and what better way to end it than with Jenna "hot damn!" Jameson.

A: First of all...are you a horror movie fan?

JJ: I’m a HUGE horror movie fan. Ever since I was young, that’s all I did was watch horror movies, they were always my favorites, like "Pumpkinhead"…

A: Nice…

JJ: I kind of like the cheesier ones...not the big mainstream horror movies…

A: Like "Scream".

JJ: I like when they have monsters, scary monsters…

A: You dig the creatures…

JJ: Yeah, so "Pumpkinhead" is my favorite.

A: If I’m not mistaken, this is your first mainstream movie?

JJ: No…

A: No? What else have you done?

JJ: I was in Howard Stern’s "Private Parts"…

A: Yeah, that’s true; I do remember you from that…

JJ: Yeah, I was the naked one, you can always pick me out cause I’m naked…

A: [laughs]

JJ: Ummm…[laughs] I’ll be getting naked later…and I also did another movie called “My name Is Dirt” and I work for the “E” channel. I do a lot of stuff…

A: It’s your first horror movie though…

JJ: My first horror movie which I’m really excited about.

A: What was it about the script that made you want to do it?

JJ: That I got cut in half.

A: Good reason! [laughs]

JJ: I’ve actually died in movies before, but I’ve never been like…slashed, which I’m really excited about. And they did the body mold so it's neat, it’s different and I’m happy about it.

A: Tell us a bit about your part, is she far from who you are in reality?

JJ: I’m a lot younger, which is great and I’m just kind of like the little tough girl. I get to beat his ass a little bit.

A: Whose ass...the killer?

JJ: The Shape, yeah….

A: Is he scary looking? They won’t show him to me.

JJ: He’s really frightening. It’s weird cause you see the guy that’s playing him and he’s just like a nice normal guy and then he gets in his makeup and he is frightening. It's hard to look at him but it's easy to scream.

A: You’ve written some adult films and produced some as well. Are you thinking of writing or producing any mainstream movies?

JJ: Actually, I’ve talked about doing a documentary on my life.

A: That would be interesting.

JJ: Kind of like Madonna’s “Truth or Dare”. People really don’t know about my industry, so I thought it would be good to have them step into my life for a little while, so they can see what’s it's all about

. We’ll see if it happens.

A: What’s next on your plate after this?

JJ: Literally?

A: Yup


JJ: I’m flying from here to Cannes to shoot for Vanity Fair with David Lachapelle, which is going to be

lots of fun but it’s a lot of traveling. That’s the life of a rock star or a porn star or whatever…

A: What do you do on your spare time when you’re not working?

JJ: I don’t really have spare time…

A: When you find some…spare time is when you do nothing that has to do with work…

JJ: I shop a lot, I’m very athletic so I water ski, snowboard….

A: You skydive?

JJ: I’m so afraid of heights, there’s no way I would ever do that, never bungee jump…nothing…

A: It’s the ultimate rush….

JJ: It's too much for me.

A: In one word describe the film "Samhain"? One word…

JJ: It has to be one word?

A: One word.

JJ: It can’t be like “scary as hell”?

A: You know what...I’ll take that! Thanks Jenna...

JJ: Thank you!

And that was that, I'd like to thank Jenna for being so easy going and for taking the time to shoot the shite with me. She was a real sweetie. I'd also like to thank everybody involved with "Samhain" for giving me carte-blanche on set. It was groovy to meet all of ya and I'm looking forward to seeing the movie.

Got a craving for Jenna? Click here and check out her Official Site



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