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INT: Kane Hodder

05.09.2003by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews Kane Hodder

Kane Hodder is unique in that he's actually the only stuntman that I know who actually became famous within the genre via one of his gigs. Yes gore hounds, Arrow recently had the chance to shoot the breeze with the REAL Jason Voorhees about his new werewolf film "Darkwolf" and the uncalled for shaft that he was given off the upcoming "Freddy vs Jason". This is actually the first time Kane addresses the issue online to my knowledge.†Take out your machetes...it's Hodder time!!

Intermediary: Kane, I've got John Fallon from Arrow in the Head on the line.

KANE: Arrow in the Head...what a lovely name...

ARROW: Thanks dude.

KANE: I don't think I've ever done that to anyone.

ARROW: Well, there's always Jason 11!

KANE: I have to keep that in mind.

ARROW: [laughs] So what was it about the "Darkwolf" project that prompted you to do it?

KANE: I always wanted to work with the director Richard Friedman who always puts quality work together for less money than he should have and the part was basically the main bad guy of the movie before he becomes the werewolf. So I play the character as a human without any makeup and that appealed to me. The character itself was also very one track minded and violent...so I'm used to that.

ARROW: Yeah, he's very Terminator-like.

KANE: Yeah, I think so too.

ARROW: Did you do your own stunts for this picture?

KANE: Of course I did; have you seen it?

ARROW: You bet.

KANE: That's not my ass though.

ARROW: [laughs]! I was going to ask you about that butt shot actually....

KANE: Not my ass, I did all my own stunts, but not that one. I did all the action which wasn't that much to be honest. If I play a character, I'm usually cast because I'm a stunt man.

ARROW: Were you the stunt coordinator on this one as well?

KANE: Not on Darkwolf. My friend Rick was, he was the stunt coordinator and the guy who wore the werewolf suit.

ARROW:†Was there initially more scenes in the screenplay involving your character?

KANE: Not really, you see me as this guy before and after the transformation. The film is basically identical to the script that I read.

ARROW: Did you train a lot for the part; you were bulked up like crazy in the movie.

KANE: No...that's how I always am.

ARROW: Actually let me sidestep here, some of your fans on my site asked me to ask you how much you bench press?

KANE: [laughs]! Right now about 365.

ARROW: [laugh] Damn!

KANE: [laugh]!

ARROW: On a more serious note; Freddy vs Jason...

KANE: Yeah...

ARROW: A lot of us are pretty pissed off about what happened...

KANE: Along with me, I'm sure you can imagine.

ARROW: Yeah. There's been a lot of rumors and a lot of stories...

KANE: Tell me the rumors you've heard and I'll tell you if they're true.

ARROW: Well, at first I heard that they wanted somebody with more expressive eyes.

KANE: Yeah, that's the sort of bullshit they told me too and they wound up hiring a Canadian stunt man.

ARROW: I heard it had to do with the Canadian Tax Credits.

KANE: Sure it does. You hire a local, you don't have to pay air fare, hotel, per diem... People have always told me; one thing they loved about watching me play the character were my eyes!!!! That seemed like a pretty lame excuse to me.

ARROW: Yeah, it's very fucking lame. After all you've done for the role, you took it to the next level.

KANE: I put my life into that part John! Nobody else has dedicated themselves to Jason as much as I have! What other rumors have you heard?

ARROW: I also heard that you were initially "too short" for the part, but then I heard that you were "too tall" for it as well. You're 6'3" if I remember correctly and Ken [Kirzinger-- the guy who got the part of Jason eventually] is like 6'4" or something.

KANE: More like 6'3" and half. They just never did give me a valid reason as to why they replaced me...they never did. They said "we think we're going to go in another direction". I asked why but they've never given me, or the fans who are upset about it, an adequate answer and I find that very insulting to both of us if you think about it.

ARROW: Sure is.

KANE: That's very pompous, if you ask me. It had nothing to do with me not wanting to play the part, that's for sure! I actually heard a rumor that it was a money dispute, it never even got to that point!

ARROW:†I also heard that you were too "complicated" or "demanding" to work with.

KANE: Anybody that's ever worked with me knows that's not true.

ARROW: So if New Line would ever come to their senses and wanted you back for Jason 11, would you come back and do the part?

Yeah probably...I love playing the part.†I think the performance will suffer in "Freddy vs Jason". A lot of people seem to have the impression that itís just a "guy in mask" and that all he has to do is walk around and stuff. But thatís really not the case.

ARROW: I agree. You brought something fresh to the role, an aggressive edge and a personality that wasn't there before, making you the best Jason...in my opinion anyways.

KANE: Well, I appreciate that...thanks a lot. Obviously a lot of people felt that for the simple fact that before me there was 5 different guys that played the part, one time each, they were never doing it good enough to the point to be asked to do it again.

ARROW: Not only that, but some of†them saw it as just another gig; you took it further, you met† the fans, you took pictures, you signed autographs, you promoted the role...I still have that picture of you choking my neck....

KANE: And I was happy to do it!

ARROW: [laughs] Yeah and it shows in your face!†

KANE: [laughs]!

ARROW: Let's move on to another topic. I heard a while back that you were planning on directing a horror film.

KANE: Probably a rumor.

ARROW: Ok, scratch that. So what's up next for you then?

KANE: I'm going to continue doing stunt work because that's what I love and I will also play more characters, more acting stuff.

ARROW: I saw you for a second in "Daredevil" during the boxing match.

KANE: Yeah, people don't realize that I'm the one that kills Daredevil's father in the alley too!

ARROW: Oh yeah?!? I didn't pick that up!

KANE: After the fight.

ARROW: How was the "Daredevil" experience ?

KANE: It was good, it was great, a fun shoot to work on. Just to have a part, it's not a big part, but it's fairly important. I haven't seen the movie, but the death of his father had something to do with his growth as a†character, so it was kind of an important role.

ARROW: Back to "Darkwolf"...how do you feel about the finished product?

KANE: I'm really impressed by the quality of the film.

ARROW: What was the budget, if you don't me asking...?

KANE: Much less than it appears to be.

ARROW: What I got out of it is that people worked really, really hard on it.

KANE: They had an excellent crew, the director was also great.

ARROW: How long was the shoot?

KANE: I'm not sure, I worked on it for 3 or 4 weeks.

ARROW: That long? Wow. And how do you feel about the werewolf effects in the film?

KANE: The creature came out looking pretty good. Sometimes it's hard to do something like that and not have it come out looking hokey and I think it came out fine.

ARROW: Well, there were a multitude of methods they used to communicate the creature, some methods came out better than others, but again, for the budget they had, it came out decent. Who did the creature effects?

KANE: The reason that I first played Jason; John Buechler (director of the The New Blood).

ARROW: Oh yeah? I didn't know that he did the work on this one...cool! Two last questions Kane: what's your favorite werewolf movie?

KANE: I know this is going to sound like a bunch of shit, but "Darkwolf". I've done two or three of them myself and have seen other ones and I think this one pulls it off better than the other ones I've seen.

ARROW: Fair enough. Any "Darkwolf: Part 2" talk yet?

KANE: Some...I'd love to do it. Let's see what we can do next with this guy!

ARROW: Hopefully they'll give you more lines, keep you badass and get you to kill lots of people!

KANE: Hey, I wouldn't mind that!

ARROW: [laughs] Well, that's it Kane. Thanks for the interview man and I hope to see you behind that hockey mask very soon.

KANE: Thanks for all the support John.

ARROW: No problem.

I'd like to thank Kane for the chit-chat, it was fun. Hope to see you hacking some teens in the next Friday the 13th installment, dude and know that you have a multitude of fans behind you. GIVE IT UP FOR THE TRUE JASON VOORHEES!!!! LONG LIVE THE KANE! He freakin' earned it. Shame on you, New Line. NOTE: In case you didn't notice...I'm a Kane Hodder fan. I love this job.



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