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08.11.2006by: Gino Pagliuca

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By far the cutest interview table for miles around (were it not for them it would have been a bonafide sausage fest), Jessica Lucas and Laura Ramsey werenít shooting any scenes that day, but squeezed in an appearance to make the boys in the room smile. Awwwwwww. These lovely girls play the romantic interests to two of the main characters in the film. Details are sketchy but Laura divulged that her characterís livelihood will be determined by the outcome of the climatic barn battle. Laura was last seen in LORDS OF DOGTOWN and VENOM, and she can next be seen along Jessica in the upcoming film SHE'S THE MAN, a modern day remake of Shakespeareís TWELFTH NIGHT. Take it away ladiesÖ

Jessica Lucas

Laura Ramsey

Tell us about your characters?

Jessica: I play Kate and sheís Pogueís girlfriend in the movie and sheís the wealthiest girl at Spencer and sheís really popular and knows everybody and everything about everybody at school. Sarah comes in and is her new roommate and she sort of takes her under her wing and shows her the ropes. Sheís also really intrigued by Chase, the other new kid, which gets her into a bit of trouble with her boyfriend.

Laura: Ok, hi, Iím Laura Ramsey. I play Sarah and my character is the new girl at school from the Boston public school. She comes to this school because she thinks she can get into Harvard. Itís a private school, so sheís new to everyone with money and she doesnít come from a money family. And sheís roommates with Kate and theyÖ And then I like Steven, I mean Caleb, his character Caleb, and Sebastian, the new guy at school, is the bad guy and they get in fights and I get a spell put on me. He tries to take Calebís powers away and uses me against Stevenís character CalebÖI donít know, tries to kill me to get his power but, there we goÖ (giggling)

Tell us about these sets?

Laura: This set? Well, today theyíre doing a lot of the flying rig stuff. I donít get to do a lot of the flying in the movie, which, Iím like, jealous, because everyone else gets to do it. But yeah, I donít know. You tell them, you do rig stuff, right?

Jessica: Yeah, I did some of the rig stuff forÖ When I get a spell put on me, I levitate, where I go like this and then they want me doing like circles in the air. So weíre actually going to shoot that under water. The night after this, Iím training to be under water where you canít come up for breath. You have to have a respirator come and, you know, you breath under water.

Are you the girl that floats in the barn in the finale?

Jessica: Yeah. So theyíre going to shoot that so I had to go get a body cast so that when I levitate, Iíll be on a harness, but my back will be straight. Otherwise you go like this. So, I levitate, and then thereís another scene where Iím floating in air with my clothes on. So theyíre going to shoot it under water where my clothes look like, and my hair is floating. So Iím training to do that right now.

Did your background have anything to do with aerobics and flying through the air that helped to get you the part?

Jessica: Not really, no, but I was involved with dancing and itís not super hard. I donít know, if youíre not scared of heights, once you get used to being up in the air, Iíve done it a couple of times. And I like to takes risks. I donít know about other people, you might be kind of scaredÖ

Laura: No, no. I wish I was doing it. I totally wish I was doing it. I think it looks like fun.

How do you like shooting in Montreal?

Laura: I love shooting in Montreal. Itís snowing for the first time today, so itís very exciting.

Jessica: Weíve been exploring the city at night and going out a lot. Itís, I grew up in Vancouver, so Iím Canadian, but Iíd never been to Montreal so Iíd always wanted to come here.

Hard getting used to cold weather?

Laura: No, because Iím fromWisconsin, so it kind of reminds me from home. I really like it, a lot.

Jessica: Todayís the first day of snow too, so it hasnít been that bad. I was expecting it to be a lot colder and snow a lot sooner, so it hasnít been too bad. When we first got here, it was really warm, it was like summerÖ

Laura: It was nice, and then we were supposed to shoot, thereís a rave scene thatís all shot outside and it was supposed to be the end of the summer, going back to school, and we ended up shooting it in like 20 degree weather. It was freezing cold and everyoneís breathe was showing. We had to be out dancing, having a good time, and everyoneís breath was showing. It was soooo cold. But, other than thatÖ

How have you both enjoyed working with Renny?

Laura: Rennyís great. Heís awesome. He just likes to have fun and he keeps everyone ambitious.

Jessica: Yeah, heís really laid back and his shots are really, heís very visual. Having that experience on this kind of movie, heís bringing so much to it that I think that maybe a new director might not be able toÖ

He seems to introduce his own vernacular, terms such as super cool and more super sexyÖ

Laura: Super-duper! (Laughs)

We were wondering if there was a difference between super cool and super extra cool?

Laura: Probably not.

Jessica: Heís good at giving us the praise.

Fan of any of Rennyís movies?

Laura: Die Hard 2 was good. I remember watching like Cliffhanger when I was younger.

Jessica: Yeah, Cliffhanger was good.

Laura: Yeah, weíre fans.

Picking up any French?

Jessica: Yeah, I have, a little bit. I know, like, not very much, but Iím getting better at it. Iím more comfortable saying ďmerciĒ and ďbonjourĒ and ďmerci beaucoupĒ and, yeah, I grew up in Canada so I had to take French in high school so I know a little bit but I canít speak it. Itís been interesting trying to keep up with the French language.

Does Renny ever lapse into French when heís directing or anything?

Jessica: Well, everybody in the crew speaks French, so itís a little hard to understand. Theyíll always speak French and then Iím like, ĎWhat,í and then theyíll repeat it in English for us. But, we can kind of understand a little bit what theyíre saying, but not really.

Most difficult sequence so far?

Jessica: For me, the shower scene. Not that it was difficult to act, but it was my first time being, you know, they closed the set and to be partially naked. No one saw, but itís just, like, uncomfortable. So, that was it for me. And the rave scene because it was so cold and I was wearing a belly shirt and a jean skirt and converse. I was super cold, but I made it through, survived.

Laura: The rave scene for me, just because it was the most uncomfortable as far as weather and stuff. But I havenít, most of my difficult scenes are coming up next week, so I havenít shot them yet.

What scenes are coming up?

Laura: I just have, like my big scenes with her in the dorm room. I have a lot of dialogue where I have a big fight coming up with my boyfriend, stuff like that. For some reason, all my scenes ended up coming up at the end.

Do you all hang out with the guys?

Laura: Yeah.

Jessica: We all hang out.

Any good anecdotes?

Jessica: We just go out all together and have a good time.

Laura: Yeah, and Renny will come out and the wardrobe people. We all go out andÖ

Other projects lined up?

Laura: We just did a movie together in the summer called Sheís the Man. Itís based on the 12th Night by Shakespeare, but nowadays in high school. Itís like the love triangle between, I donít know if youíre familiar with the 12th Night at all. Olivia, and Amanda Bynes is the lead, so she dresses as Viola and then switches with her twin brother, Sebastian. And she plays Amandaís best friend and I played Olivia.

Jessica: Itís coming out in March, soÖ

Laura: Yeah, itís Dreamworks.

Jessica: Itís a soccer movie too. Itís got a lot of soccer.

Laura: Iíve been going back and forth a lot too to LA for auditions and test for things, so fingers crossed for the next thing coming along. I donít have anything for sure.

Auditioned for anything big?

Laura: Exorcism of Emilyís Rose, is thatís what itís called?

To be Emily Rose?

Laura: Yeah. It would be cool to play that part.

Dream role?

Laura: My dream role would be to do something like what Charlize Theron did in Monster, like totally transform yourself, looking like somebody completely different, being totally differentÖ It means something a lot, that you feel challenged, that would be my dream role.

Jessica: Something really dramatic and intense.

Laura: This stuff is dramatic, but you try to dig and you get it out and youíre talking about spells and, you know, everything. Never mind. (giggles)

Favorite movies and favorite horror movies?

Laura: Mine would beÖ Mothman Prophecies. Itís scary and it scared the shit out of me.

Jessica: You know what movie scared me, The People Under the Stairs.

Laura: I did a horror movie called Venom that was in theaters.

It came and went real quick.

Laura: Real quick.

Jessica: Itís too bad, I wanted to see it.

Laura: Yeah right.

Jessica: (Laughs) Well, I knew you were in itÖ

Is this gonna be scary?

Laura: I think so, yeah.

Jessica: Itís really dark. Thereís hardly any light.

Laura: Itís like a thriller, itís like in the shower scene youíre like [gasp!] and then all of the sudden Iíll be on camera, the camera will be here and Iíll turn around and it will be nobody and then Iíll turn around again and Reed is standing there! So, when Iím in the shower and Iím bending down looking down at glass behind me, thereís a floating black object above me. So the audience will be likeÖ

Jessica: Thereís a lot of scary, jumpy moments that will be like a thriller I think.

THE COVENANT opens on September 8th. Check out its OFFICIAL SITE!

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