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INT: Mark Wahlberg

10.16.2008by: JimmyO

To say that Mark Wahlberg’s career has been fairly impressive is an understatement. There are a whole lot of young punks that start off in some Top 40 rap/rock/pop band and are not able to transcend and continue their career. But Mr. Wahlberg did. I won’t even bother to mention Mark’s former “personality” because after his terrific performance in BOOGIE NIGHTS, he was able to continue and grow as an actor. After his Oscar nominated supporting turn in THE DEPARTED and a chance to work with Peter Jackson in THE LOVELY BONES, he takes on the tragic title character in the video game inspired MAX PAYNE.

This was the first time I’ve sat down with Mark, although I have met him before at a previous junket. What surprised me most about him is his honesty about playing Max Payne. It wasn’t an easy shoot as dealing with such a character was not a blast for him to play. But he has enjoyed the chance to play such diverse characters in the past year with this, THE LOVELY BONES and THE HAPPENING. So if you are a fan of the man, and if you are looking for some gun-toting action this coming Friday, you can check out MAX PAYNE at a theatre near you.

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