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INT: Matthias Hues

02.28.2003by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews Matthias Hues

Best known for his role as the villainous drug dealing alien in "I Come in Peace", Matthias Hues is an imposing presence. I was watching the extras on the "Legion of the Dead" dvd recently and the first thought which sprung to my mind as he was being interviewed was "Man, this dude seems like a nice guy". Prompted by that feeling, I looked him up, asked for an interview and sure enough...here it is!

1- What’s your favorite horror movie?

My favorite horror movie must be "The Ring". I think it was suspenseful and creepy without using cheap tricks to gross you out. Everything was a mind screw combined with fears in all of us commonly shared in modern times by the use of the internet etc...but mixed with good old fashion horror.

2- You come from a martial arts background. May I ask what style you studied and what championships you held (or still hold)?

I started with karate and then moved over to judo and kickboxing. I never did fight in competition, I was a pentathlon athlete...

3- How did you fall into acting? Was it a life long goal or did you stumble into it?

I walked into Gold's in Venice, talked to the manager Derek Barton, one of Hollywood's former great stuntman and now manager of Gold's heading the acting and model department and said: "I'm new in town and I want to be an actor in action movies". He gave me a free membership and I made Gold's my first home, so to speak. He called me three weeks later and said someone called him looking for a big kickboxer to replace Jean Claude Van Damme in "No Retreat No Surrender. I went to see the producer, they hired me on the spot and off I went to Thailand for my first gig. I thought I was dreaming, but it turned out to be for real and started it all.

4- I first took notice of you in “I Come in Peace” (fun movie). Can you share some memories from that shoot?

"I Come in Peace" was the best time that I've had in my entire life. I think I born to play this guy. When I went in to read for director Craig R. Baxley, he said: today is your lucky day, this role is written for Dolph but he doesn't want to be the alien-- which is actually the star of the movie. Do you want it? I wanted it but he also said: "You have to do all your own stunts because you are too big to double". Hey, what did I know! I went for it and had the best time of my life. I loved the rush of jumping over cars and jumping off things on fire.

5- Since you opponent in “I Come in Peace” was also a “Martial Arts” artist (Dolph Lundgren); did it make it easier on you when it came to the fight sequences?

Dolph is a great fighter and it was great to do some stuff with him, but unfortunately it wasn't enough. I would've loved something more like in "Universal Soldier", the fight he had in the end with Van Damme.

6- Was there ever talk of sequel to "I Come in Peace"?

I COME IN PEACE 2....yeah, tell it to the producers...I did! The rights were sold to MGM. I had lunch with the boss over there and he liked the idea so we'll see what comes out of it. Keep your fingers crossed...

7- You played a Klingon in Star trek 6. Was it fulfilling for you as person to know that you appeared in one of cinema's most enduring sci-fi series? Or was it just another gig?

Actually, that was a dream come true: to meet the real crew of the Enterprise, whom I basically grew up with. The best was walking around in the space ship at lunch when I was all alone in it. For a moment, it all became real, like the Twilight Zone. It was all quiet, me alone in this huge space ship and then....stuff happened and it felt like light years had gone by, but hey, they told me that I cannot talk about it.....not to anybody!! ( I had no idea this thing was flying for real...)

8- Of all the movies you’ve done, which would you qualify as your favorite in terms of acting performance?

Let's see...I guess I would say "Age of Treason" with Brian Brown since it gave me a chance to do something different, playing a fish out of water, so to speak. Runner up would be "Alone in the Woods". That was a stretch to what I normally play as well. It's a comedy for kids.

9- Of all the fight scenes you’ve done, which one are you most proud of (I loved the one in "Kickboxer 2")?

Best fight scene had to be the one with Billy Blanks in TC 2000 or the Talons of the Eagle...he is just the best fighter out there...

10- You play Togaio in the recently released on DVD “Legion of the Dead”. You seem to have had fun with the role. How was the shoot and how did you approach the part as an actor?

Legion was fun, but there wasn't enough for my character to develop in the way that I wanted him to be. I would've showcased his power in many more ways. He never had the chance to use his superior physical strength as he never participated in any fights or other combat...

11- What’s next on your plate? When will we get to see Matthias Hues on the screen again?

It looks like I will be playing in the movie "The Zodiak Killer" starting early next year and then move on to do "Kickboxer 6"-- at least I think that's what it is...haha, they keep 'em coming!! Just missed out on a lead role in "Tomb Raider 2", went to England to meet with the guys, but they went with someone else in the end. Anyway, they just called me back for another big movie, but I can't say what it is yet-- just keep your fingers crossed...it's huge!

I'd like to thank Matthias for his time and wish him the best of luck in all of his ventures. Again, this was one of those times where I felt that the person I was interviewing was "one class act". Keep kicking it, Matthias!



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