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INT: Melanie Thierry

08.28.2008by: Jenny Karakaya

Model turned TV, theatrical and film actress Melanie Thierry began her early ascent by mesmerizing French audiences in national productions, until scoring her first international crossover hit, THE LEGEND OF THE PIANIST ON THE OCEAN. Continuing her rise to stardom, Thierry starred in CHRYSALIS and PARDONNEZ-MOI until landing a part opposite Vin Diesel in Mathieu Kassovitzís upcoming sci-fi action-adventure film, BABYLON A.D..

Making her Hollywood debut, the French beauty plays a young girl Aurora, who must be smuggled from a convent in Kazakhstan to New York City along with her protective nun (Michelle Yeoh), by hardened mercenary Toorop (Diesel). I recently had the pleasure of meeting the talented actress with the striking features of a Barbie doll, and radiant sex appeal of Brigitte Bardot. Thierry was gracious, genuine and discernibly timid about her English, as we chatted about her crossover to American cinema, training for her part, and her take on Babylon A.D. Check out what she had to say.

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