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INT: Michelle Rodriguez

03.01.2002by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews Michelle Rodriguez

Arrow had a chance to toss feisty Michelle Rodriguez a couple of questions about her upcoming Zombie-on-the-loose flick "Resident Evil" (opens March 15, 2002) and here's what she spat back.

ARROW: Did you try the videogame once you got cast or were you already a fan?

MR: I was already a fan, man. I just thought the videogame just like, when it first came out, has this kind of like Hitchcock-y style to it. Itís- - just the fact of how quiet it is and how realistic it looked and, um, just the fact of how vulnerable, you know what I mean, Claire Redfield is when you play the game. Itís just, she starts off, like with a knife... like go look for a gun! Meanwhile these like zombies with the power of ten men are running after you, or walking. They still catch up though and the Licker and the dogs and, yeah man. Itís just sick, and when I heard that there was a movie being made out of it, I just had to be a part of it somehow. Iím glad that, uh, Paul Anderson, you know, had the brains and the wits to kinda pull it off. You know, and, uh, have me be a part of it.

ARROW: Without giving too much away, what scene do you think people will remember the most about the film?

MR: [SIGH] Iíd have to say, man, that Licker is just luscious. That Licker. The brain, pizza face, half like god knows what with dog and god knows what. You know, when he morphs into something bigger and bigger claws and bigger fangs and more gook. I mean, the Licker, Iíd have to say, yeah. People will always remember the Licker.

ARROW: Whatís your favorite line from the film?

MR: Blow me. [LAUGHTER] That was my favorite line.

ARROW: What is the coolest effect in the film in your opinion?

MR: The Licker.

ARROW: It's all about The Licker

MR: Itís all about a Lick- - itís all about the Licker. What can I say. That six foot long tongue, the brain, just has an effect on you, you know. Some flyingí at you just ripping you apart and ya know what a bite of that thing can do? You know what I mean. Itís just like- - like cancer. Itís exactly like cancer, what a bite from that Licker can do to you, and just the thought of that, you know. Itís all about cells reproducing over and over and over again and just the thought of you surviving a bite is pretty sick. Yeah, uh, this is all about the Licker, man [LAUGHTER].

ARROW: What was the ambience on the set like? Was it tense, was it serious, what- - did you have fun?

MR: It was fun. I mean, [STUTTER] see, where- - we were working with people who had the stomach for it, you know what I mean. Itís not like, you know, we were working with a bunch of prissy asses who were like, oh god, you know, get that away from me, you know, all serious and shit. I hate people like that. Itís kind of annoying, you know. We were working with, like people who were totally like, you know willing to like bite a fake liver and goof off with blood and put K-Y Jelly on the Lickerís brain and actually just be able to like eat with other zombies during lunchtime, with pus hanging out of their, you know, faces and black teeth and, yeah. It was a good set. I liked it. Itís one of those never boring moments, you know what I mean.

ARROW: What was the funniest thing that happened on the set, off camera?

MR: [LAUGHTER] Iíd have to say Pasquale. Um, the guy who played J.D. Heís a goof and when he turned into a zombie, um, when he did his shit, oh god, well actually am I allowed to say that at all? Um, itís just Pasquale liked to goof off a lot with the zombies and, um, the process of doing that was like a Thriller video, whenever they said cut. Iíd have to say that was pretty hilarious and Milla goofing off is pretty funny too. I mean, sheís, pretty feisty with what she says sometimes.

Thanks for your time Michelle. If you want to see more of tough chick Michelle Rodriguez hit Resident Evil with all you've got (or rent Girlfight).



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