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Interview: Prometheus stars Charlize Theron & Guy Pearce!

Jun. 6, 2012by: JimmyO

The prospect of sitting down and speaking to Charlize Theron and still finding the ability to produce more than a series of grunts and ahhhs is damn near impossible. Not only is she is a striking beauty, she is also a crazily talented actress. In other words, she may very well be perfection! However, since she was sitting next to the incredibly gifted actor Guy Pearce somebody Ive had the pleasure of interviewing before it wasnt as scary as I thought it would be thanks to a familiar face.

Both Theron and Pearce represent the corporate dark side in Ridley Scotts latest PROMETHEUS. She is a tough as nails company player with a hint of sadness. Pearce plays a man that will be familiar to fans of the ALIEN franchise. The two actors talk about working with Ridley, old age make-up and the perceptions of strong willed women in a mans world. And my composure is almost sufficiently intact... almost.

PROMETHEUS opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

I think some people do bad things because deep down inside they are actually really broken.

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