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INT: Rachael Robins

07.01.2005by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews Rachael Robins

The sweet and lets face it, every male genre fans' dream girlfriend, Rachel Robins has appeared in various PlayBoy videos, one Troma film, soft core gems of the likes of Vampire Lesbian Kickboxers (must rent film) and more recently in The Screaming Dead. Well I'm wooed! Can you spell "marriage material"? I sure can! I recently had the chance to ping-pong with the lovely lady and here's what she shot back at me.

What’s your favorite horror movie?

I have 3 favorite Horror movies: 28 Days Later, House of 1000 Corpses, and Silence of the Lambs

What’s your favorite snack to eat while watching a horror movie?

My all time favorite e snack to eat while watching horror movies is a big ole tub of popcorn with a bag of Raisinettes dumped right into it! Salty AND sweet at the same time! Yum.

How did you get into modeling? Was it a long time goal or did you fall into it by fluke?

I got into modeling when I fist moved to NYC. I was working in a popular club as a bartender and I kept getting approached by photographers to do testing. I accepted their offers and the modeling gigs started to come soon after. I always wanted to be in front of a camera, still or movie. I was a natural ham from the get go!

You’ve partake in a Vegas bit called "Pieces of Ass”; what is the show exactly about?

“Pieces of Ass” is an off Broadway show about hot chick angst. It’s a monologue show, kind of like the Vagina Monologues, but way better. All 12 monologues are true stories that happened to the girl that performs it. The girls all write their own pieces. The show is in a constant state of change, because when one girl leaves another replaces her with a whole new story. We also had a long list of celebrity centerpieces that would guest star for a day a week, or even a few months.

We had Catherine Hickland (from “One Life to Live”), Carol Alt, Janice Dickenson, Brooke Burke (from E!), the Coors Lite Twins, and on and on. For more info about the show go to www.piecesofass.com . We started out in NYC at on off off Broadway theater, moved to Off Broadway, went out to Hollywood for 5 months, then we moved to the Joint in the Hardrock hotel in Vegas, then ended up at an amazing theater complex in NYC. It’s been a great ride.

You’ve also branched out into genre acting with more recently The Screaming Dead; would you describe your experience on set to be a positive one?

My experience on the set of The Screaming Dead was the best I’ve had to date. Great actors, great crew. Just an overall fun movie to shoot. I’d be right there if they wanted to do Screaming 2. And yes, it is actually scary WHILE your shooting a horror movie.

Do you feel that your modeling experience helped you in any way shape or form when it came to acting?

Modeling definitely helped when it came to acting. Seeing a ton of pictures of yourself forces you to come to know how you look good and how you look bad. Most of the films that I’ve done have cast me as the hot chick so it would behoove me to know how I look good. It’s so cliché, but I do know my good side!!!

What would you say was your most challenging scene to shoot in The Screaming Dead?

The hardest scene to shoot in SC was the scene where I was being stretched on the torture device. I was on that sucker for a whole day!!!I was sticky from the fake blood, being constantly sprayed down with luke warm water, in my undies, spread eagle. It was a long day. Oh, and you have to be really careful when you are emulating cries of pain, they can very easily be mistaken for orgasmic noises if done wrong.

Any plans on acting in more horror movies down the road?

I would love to do more horror movies. For any of you horror filmmakers out there, you can reach me at www.rachaelrobbins.com!!

What’s next for you career wise? Where will we see you next?

Next I would love to get a hosting gig and maybe do some musical theater. I am taking singing lessons from the most amazing coach in the universe, so in a year or so you might catch me in Chicago or Cabaret (even if it’s in some place like Tallahassee or Michigan!)

I'd like to thank Rachael for dropping by the site and sharing the love with us. All the best with your varied career and keep rocking!





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