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INT: Robert Z'Dar

12.15.2001by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews Robert Z'Dar

Robert Z'Dar is well known for his portrayal of psycho cop Matt Cordell in the "Maniac Cop" trilogy. Arrow felt brave one day and tossed a couple of questions the man's way. Here's what he had to say.

1- What's your favorite horror movie?

"Maniac Cop"! What did you expect me to say, Scooby Doo on Zombie Island?

2- How did you get into acting? By fluke or was it always a goal?

Fluke. I started out as a musician but started leaning towards my college minor in acting.

3- You're mostly known amongst genre fans for you role in the Maniac Cop Trilogy. What kind of research did you undertake when you initially got the role in the first one?

Body language. Making a non-speaking character come to life is always a challenge. Probably the hardest challenge.

4- Looking back at the Maniac Cop trilogy, which one do you think is the strongest?

Definitely the second one. I had a little more acting freedom, and some cooler action scenes.

5- Will Maniac Cop ever come back for a fourth round?

Absolutely. And I will kill Jason!!

6- I remember seeing you in "Tango and Cash" alongside Stallone and Russell. How was it being on set with two of Hollywood's biggest names?

I was not intimidated by either of them, but Jack Palance did!

7- Having a pretty distinct look, I can imagine that it must be hard to beat the typecasting beast. What kind of roles would you like to play more often?

Ask my local police dept. that question, they will tell you.

8- What's next on your plate, when will we see Robert Z'Dar next?

On "Emeril" eating roast pork, dumplings and sauerkrauts. Just kidding. I am working on a film with Karen Black right now titled "All Hallows Eve" and another one called "Boo" being filmed in the Chicago area. They should both be released in about a year.

9- You've recently made your presence known on the web with your Official Website. What prompted you to hop on the net bandwagon?

A good friend of mine Randy Benzie kicked me in the ass and said "Uncle Bob, You need a web site!" and I am glad he did.

10- Of all the parts you have played, which one do you hold closer to your heart?

"Debbie Does Dallas" but I never got the role of Debbie with my guns. Hah! "Maniac Cop" all three as Matt Cordell has always been my favorite.

11- Do you have any plans to venture into the screenwriting/directing aspects of filmmaking? If so, what type of film would you like to put out?

I am working behind the camera now on the earlier mentioned upcoming films. Horror is best because it pays the best and the rewards of making my fans happy makes me happy.

I'd like to thank Robert for his time and for not ripping my head off. Come back anytime! You can check out Robert's Official Site by clicking on the pic above.



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