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INT: Roxy Coyne

11.28.2000by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews Roxy Coyne

She appeared in "Jesus 2000", "Mark of Dracula" and "Alien Force". The Arrow had the chance to act alongside her in Ron Ford’s upcoming flick: "Deadly Scavenger". Never forgetting his “journalistic” duty, he nabbed an interview with the gal. Here it is…

1- What’s your favorite horror flick?

When I was a kid I used to watch "Creature Feature" on Sunday afternoons with my grandmother. They would play all the classics-- my favorites were "The Creature From the Black Lagoon" and "the Mummy". But I would get so scared watching those things (I was a little kid!)! So I would cover my face with my hands through the whole movie and watch through a little slit between my fingers. Then, when a scary part came I'd close the slit. My grandmother would just laugh and laugh! As an adult I have to say my favorite horror flick is "Phantasm II" and that's because I worked on it as a camera assistant and that's where I met my husband, who was an electrician at the time. So I have fond memories of working on that show. The final product was rather disappointing, however.

2- How did you get started in the acting biz?

I started acting 7 years ago at the ripe old age of 29. It wasn't something I thought about a whole lot. I simply got bored with camera assisting and acting looked like it might be more rewarding and challenging. I has certainly proved to be both. I have been a performer of some sort my whole life, however. As a kid I danced ballet and played music. I play the flute, alto sax, and a little guitar. Always performed in concert bands and later in marching bands in high school and college. I did a bit of drama in high school, but nothing major. Danced Flamenco as an adult before I started acting. I guess I've always had a bug to perform and acting is the most recent expression of that in my life. I find acting to be a tremendous challenge and one that I could spend my whole life trying to perfect. I'm nowhere near where I want to be with it.

has been your most challenging role to date?

I think every role is hugely challenging, but sometimes you get closer than others to achieving the truth of the character. In the 7 years I've been doing this, I have 'hit' those moments maybe half a dozen times. Once was in another Ron Ford movie called "Riddled With Bullets". I really dove into the character of Cynda with all my heart and soul. The result was rather uneven in the movie. I hate my first scenes, but I'm happy with the later ones.

Some of my favorite work has actually been in acting classes. When you get a good scene partner it goes into a whole different realm and then you're just flying. My favorite parts in acting classes have been the role of Katherine in "The Taming of The Shrew" and Suzie in "Those The River Keeps" by David Rabe.

It's such a rush when you really get it. One of my teachers says acting is like an olympic event. When you really get into that wave, you are just along for the ride. And then the script is merely a road map. You're not really in the driver's seat anymore. Those are the experiences that make me stay with it. I think every actor would like to have those types of experiences more often.

4- Any actor you’d love to work with?

There are so many actors I admire! I would really like to work with Johnny Depp. He's amazing. Or Daniel Day Lewis. Or Gary Oldman. My favorite actress is still Meryl Streep, though. That woman is phenomenal. I don't think there's anyone out there who even comes near her.

5- What's your take on love scenes. Are they really that bad?

Honestly, I like love scenes less and less. As a viewer, I don't particularly like watching people go at it on the screen. It makes me uncomfortable. I don't really like watching people french kiss on screen. I think it's much sexier and more of a turn-on if the chemistry is there and the sexuality is implied or hinted at. Desire is always more exciting than watching people screw. And that's what the old movies are full of. Look at Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall-- They could be standing seven feet away from each other, fully clothed and be completely on fire. THAT'S a love scene.

So, I have done lots of love scenes, although never with nudity. And that's fine. You go through it by the numbers with a bunch of people standing around. Hopefully you trust your scene partner. But I just can't stand watching the stuff afterwards. It's embarrassing.

6- What’s next for you, darling?

Well, hopefully I'll get a chance to do some television this season. But artistically, I would like to be doing classical theater. Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, that sort of thing. I absolutely LOVE classical theatre. I'm currently working on a new play called "Appearances To The Contrary" by James Inman. We go up October 12 at the Gascon Theater here in Los Angeles. I'm understudying the part of Barbara. She's having a relationship with an older woman at the beginning of the play, but by the end, she's with a young man who sweeps her off her feet. It's a wonderful play. I hope it does well.

7- You got other aspirations in show biz apart from acting?

I've been in the biz now for 13 years and I love it. I love making movies! My background as a camera assistant was a tremendous education. I feel very at home in this industry because I have a unique understanding of the production side of things as well as the acting side. I've produced a couple of things, too. However, being a producer is something I would only do out of dire necessity in order to further my acting.

We'll see what the future holds. My husband is an amazingly talented director and cinematographer. He currently does commercials, but if he ever does a feature film I'm sure I'll be involved in making that happen. I'll probably end up in the camera department AND on screen in some role. Whatever it takes.

8- What’s the most unpleasant thing that ever happened to you on a set.

I absolutely DETEST stage blood. Ask Ron about that one! In Riddled With Bullets I died a very gory death and it was just hair-raising to be covered in that stuff. It really makes me crazy. I think that's the most unpleasant thing I've endured till now. I don't mind dirt, but stage blood is disgusting.

Thanks a lot Roxy, hope to work with you again someday. Keep up the great work and come back anytime.



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