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INT: Sheri Moon Zombie

Aug. 31, 2007by: JimmyO

If there is any Living Dead Girl that I can openly praise with ultimate understanding from my lovely wife, it is Sheri Moon Zombie. I love her as Baby in both HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES and THE DEVILS REJECTS. Hell, I was thrilled to see here in Tobe Hoopers remake of THE TOOLBOX MURDERS. Although she is mostly working with hubby Rob Zombie, she also has a pretty sweet clothing line called Total Skull. And now, she appears as Deborah Myers, you know, Michaels mom, in Rob Zombies HALLOWEEN. And frankly, she is fantastic in the role. She gives the movie heart as the weathered mom who is forced to face the truth about her psychotic son.

When I sat down with Sheri, I found her even more lovely than I thought possibly. At the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, she happily answered questions with several journalists, including myself. I was happy to see that she is very open about her work and about working with her husband. She also spoke about why she accepts jobs mostly with him as a director. I love Sheri Moon Zombie and Im happy to say that she is as cool as I would have hoped. And pretty damn beautiful. Youre a lucky guy Rob.

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